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Did the planets align or is fate a great big con?

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DogOnALeash Thu 28-Apr-16 14:05:52

I am in the stages of being diagnosed PCOS, I have prolactinoma, am overweight and just a general feeling the world is against me getting a baby.

I haven't had a period since beginning of December but two days ago started getting cramps. I hoped and prayed for aunt flow to arrive but nothing, then yesterday I got egg white cm and just by chance last night happened to dtd with a husband who has been refusing to try recently due to our unfortunate living circumstances (with the InLaws). Out of pure curiosity and to settle my mind this morning I bought a ClearBlue ovulation test "just to see" if I was in fact ovulating and what do you know a great big smiley face was staring back at me after three minutes.

I can't tell what I'm more elated about, the fact that I read my body so well or the fact that I'm finally ovulating after non existent aunt flow for so long.

Now is this all just happy coincidence or the planets of fate aligning in my favour.

I don't really need an answer I just needed to share or I'd burst! grin

AmyC86 Thu 28-Apr-16 14:29:19

Sorry to burst your bubble but people who have PCOS tend to have raised progesterone levels which would give you a false reading on the opks. I also have pcos.

Temping is a far more accurate way of measuring xx

However, it's not impossible for those with PCOS not to get pregnant naturally

DogOnALeash Thu 28-Apr-16 14:58:41

Well that was a great big kick in the metaphorical nuts.

Thanks for the info though, I had no clue we could get false readings on opk.

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