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clear blue dual ovulation tests-

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Missushb Wed 27-Apr-16 18:48:18

Hello, has one day of flashing smiley on cd 15 then static smiley, on cd16. Cm also seemed to match up well with these days, egg whitish etc. Now on cd32. No AF yet, although my cycles are between 33 days and 35. So the smileys were slightly earlier than expected but as I said, cm did peak at that time too so thought they were fairly accurate. I've done a couple of tests and they're negative, just cheap internet ones. I'm just wondering anyone who has used the dual hormone ovulation tests; did AF always come 14-16 days after static smily? Been ttc second child for two years now, feels like it never going to happen!!

broodypsycho Wed 27-Apr-16 20:19:15

I use them and they've never worked for me. I have 30-33 day cycle and I don't get any flashing smileys just straight static smiley at day 11/12. I think I ovulate later around 16-18. I wouldn't rely on them. Check cervical mucus and just dtd as much as u can smile

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