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Ttc no 2 and IBS / anxiety diagnosis

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GrannyWeatherWaxandtheBees Wed 27-Apr-16 11:35:44

I'm Ttc number 2, have just been diagnosed with anxiety-related IBS. Have been prescribed Mebeverine for the IBS (which is presenting mainly as nausea and stomach pain, minimal bowel symptoms) and diazepam, which I'm not taking very often. I've also been referred for CBT for my anxiety. I'm sleeping pretty badly so have been using the diazepam sparingly to cope with that. I've seen huge improvements with Mebeverine, but at the moment I'm in the thick of a really anxious phase (awful nightmares, panic attacks) and my stomach is hurting pretty much constantly, plus I'm feeling nausea much of the time.

I've been looking at the FODMAPS diet.

Has anyone got any views on whether FODMAPS is a bad idea when Ttc? Seems really restrictive, and I don't want to harm my chances.

Also, does anyone know whether Mebeverine or diazepam can inhibit fertility? My GP has said "no one really knows" whether either could harm a baby, as minimal trials on pregnant people are done (for obvious reasons), but I'm unsure about the fertility question.

Been ttc since beginning of Jan, but health not been great and cycle very long since coming off mini pill in Dec. Conceived last time in one cycle, so I'm starting to wonder whether this is just post pill syndrome or whether my general health issues are the reason this is taking much longer this time.

Just looking for some support / ideas from anyone who's been in a similar situation really.

GrannyWeatherWaxandtheBees Wed 27-Apr-16 14:25:53

No one?

GrannyWeatherWaxandtheBees Wed 27-Apr-16 14:25:59

No one?

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