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TTC while breastfeeding

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Fleck Tue 26-Apr-16 20:11:34

We would really like to try for a third baby but I have not got my cycle back after having my DS who will be 2 in June. He still breast feeds and I really don't want to stop this right now. Does anyone know of ways to help kick my body into action without stopping bf? I have pcos so my cycles are pretty screwed up anyway. Thanks

MintyBojingles Tue 26-Apr-16 22:32:50

I got pregnant whilst BF DD who was 15 months at the time, but my cycle was regular. I don't know what to suggest to kick start that. How many feeds is he having now? Might drop pin a couple help?

Fleck Tue 26-Apr-16 22:38:25

He feeds 3 times in the day (morning, when I get back from work and then to get to sleep) with an extra one for a nap on none working days if we're not out and about. He also feeds in the night though (we cosleep). He just really really loves milk! I know the answer is to try and reduce his feeds but if it wasn't for wanting another we would be happy to continue as we are... I know he will fight any reduction in his milk.

Fleck Tue 26-Apr-16 22:39:19

* non-working not none working!

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