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PCOS with a 'normal' BMI - anyone else in the same boat?

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sheikhandbake Tue 26-Apr-16 17:12:53

I've just been diagnosed with PCOS which was a bit of a shock (an understatement!) as I get monthly periods, don't have any of the symptoms of PCOS and I have a BMI of 20, so not overweight.

Is anyone else in the same boat and made changes to their diet / lifestyle to try and improve prospects for ttc? I know there are PCOS diet books out there but I'm not sure if I should be following these as losing weight isn't going to kick start ovulation for me. I've also got a thin uterine lining so need to be building that up. I already have a pretty healthy diet and barely drink alcohol now so don't need to make any changes on that front.

I've been given Metformin to take for 2 months to see if that helps ovulation and I can't get over how fatigued I feel on it. It also gave me awful heartburn / indigestion and cramps, I'm now taking a daily Nexium tablet which mostly has those side effects under control. If the Metformin doesn't work then it's onto the Clomid sad

I'm finding it all a bit bewildering and a complete shock and was diagnosed by chance. Apart from the Pill and the odd antibiotic I've never had to take any medication before in my life and now there is a pile of it on my bedside table that has rubbish side effects. And that's before we start on the clomid (I've heard the side effects of that can be pretty special as well) grin

Oh and if anyone has any happy ending normal-BMI Metformin stories please let me know! smile

Sothatsflatwhite Tue 26-Apr-16 17:27:04

I was diagnosed with PCOS by chance too, when I had an ultrasound scan for an abdominal complaint.
I have a normal BMI and regular periods. My only symptoms are some chin hairs haha and gorilla legs. I mean, seriously hairy. And I think I'm not very fertile.

I haven't taken medication for it. I conceived DD 2 years after getting married, which feels normal. But she's almost 4yrs now and we never use birth control but are yet to conceive a second child. Actually I've now given up hope. I'm happy not thinking about it.
I think my great aunt was similar and she had 1 child too without medication.
My GP told me to just relax. It sounds so patronising but honestly, I conceived DD after I stopped thinking about TTC.

Sothatsflatwhite Tue 26-Apr-16 17:27:24

I have no idea if I ovulate

AppleMagic Tue 26-Apr-16 17:29:59

I have a similar bmi and impaired fasting glucose (but no PCOS diagnosis) for which I have taken metformin for almost a year. I have conceived twice in that time. First ended in miscarriage but now 6 weeks again.

Are you an apple shape? My bmi is low because I am tall with a small frame and little muscle so I have to admit I do carry more fat than I should on my stomach. Also, I have a family history of blood sugar issues at normal bmi. I think genetically I have a lower weight threshold for insulin issues than the average.

There is a slower release version of metformin that causes less gastro issues. It's not prescribed as standard as it's more expensive but might be worth asking for if you're on the other one. Your body will get used to it eventually and the side effects stop.

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