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36 Trying to conceive, 1st time Mumsnet poster, would love to start chat with similar ladies.

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Getmeabun Tue 26-Apr-16 14:04:34

Hi all,
I'm new to Mumsnet, but felt I needed to post to get a better insight into trying to conceive. I'm 36 years old, with 2 children from a previous relationship, back when I was clearly uber fertile. I'm now married, in a new relationship and we have been trying for approx. 2 years. A bit of background....been together 6 years, a few months in to the relationship I discover hubs has a psychosexual disorder that makes him have a panic attack when we go to do the deed. Fast forward 2 years & throw the pressure of trying to make babies in there too and we aint going anywhere. Anyhoo, we are in the process of dealing with that through therapy and have come to the conclusion, that taking the pressure off would be a good idea. So approx 18 months ago we started going down the DIY insemination route. Alas, this hasn't helped either. I recently bought a clearblue fertility tracker, hoping that this may help although for the past 3 years I have been tracking via an app on my phone and peeing on sticks at regular intervals. We visited the docs today who scheduled me in for blood tests, 3 of them I believe and hubs to have his soldiers tested. It would be lovely to hear from anyone who is going through or has gone through a similar trying time. I have no idea what the future will old for us, but having a secure support network, I thought would help me have a space to ask advice, rant, cry, moan and request hugs.

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