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Broody for second

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Junosmum Mon 25-Apr-16 21:49:16

DS is 4 months old. I absolutely adore him but I didn't get broody for him- DH was broody and prior to getting married we had agreed we'd have kids (I was on the fence prior) so it was the right time so we got on with it. Best decision ever and DS is my life.

But I'm already broody for the next one! I never ever thought I'd feel like this.

It's a really bad idea to have another now- we couldn't afford another mat leave, or to have 2 in child care at the same time. I love my job and want to progress in my career so will not become a sahm and dh feels the same. I've got significant gynaecology issues from the birth and I'm awaiting a referral for treatment- sex is so painful we can't do it. I also want to enjoy DS, he's just so fantastic. And even if we could have sex, I'm exclusively breastfeeding so getting pregnant would be really unlikely.

I'm nuts to even consider it right?

shouldhavegonewithhannes Mon 25-Apr-16 23:10:40

Not nuts no, completely normal!

After each of mine for about 6 months, I was absolutely desperate for another one (and this from the person who never wanted any children). I listened to urge the first time and have 14 months between my first two. The second time I listened but my body was having none of it and so ended up with a three year gap.

The oldest two were hard work initially but I think after about 3 months and once into a routine it was fantastic. There is the added bonus of them always having someone to play with and they are great friends to each other. I'm sure it's easier than having just one.

Lots of my friends warned me after my first i would want another so perhaps it is a common phase?

Good luck with whatever you decide.

Heatherbell1978 Sat 30-Apr-16 21:22:17

If I were you I'd wait a wee while longer. After my DS was born (he's now 20 months) I remember feeling really broody despite the sleepless nights and bfing. In fact, straight after the birth I remember saying 'I'd do that again!' Looking back now it was all hormones! As soon as I stopped bfing (around 5 months), I had a bit of a slump, was still getting no sleep, and definitely thought that I couldn't do it over again. Only now are we ttc number 2 and that's after a lot of decision making. I should add that DS was a pretty easy baby (despite not sleeping through the night until 7 months) and is a good toddler. Good luck with it though!

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