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Can I ovulate with residual HCG from a miscarriage in my body?

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chloe1988sb Sun 24-Apr-16 20:51:02

I have some residual HCG in my system from a miscarriage I had last month as I still get very faint positive tests with FMU.

However, I took an ovulation test yesterday with some very diluted pee and it came back positive. I took an ultra sensitive pregnancy test at the same time with the same pee and it was completely negative.

I always use the same pregnancy and ovulation tests. The ones you can buy a lot of online.

I am having symptoms of ovulation.

Persistent sexual arousal and EWCM and a high soft cervix, like I always get.

I am also worried because I am still spotting from my miscarriage.

sizethree Mon 25-Apr-16 07:36:45

I'm so sorry for your loss.
My understanding is that in order to ovulate you have to have zero HCG in your system. And I've read on other threads that HCG can be picked up by ovulation sticks, which may be why you're getting a positive on those.
I've suffered 3 miscarriages (but have a 5 months dd now thankfully) and remember it took between 4-8 weeks for my period to return, so between 2-6 weeks to ovulate again. The spotting did last a while too.
Please head to your GP if you're concerned.
What miscarriage management did you have?
I found imwith natural miscarriage my period returned faster but with medical and d&c it took longer as I suppose it shocked my body more and took longer to catch up.

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