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When should I test?

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Amaye Sun 24-Apr-16 18:49:02

Hi everyone,

I’ve name changed just incase anyone in real life spots me and I am actually pregnant. I also am not really up on my acronyms for this board as it is all very new to me!

This is my DH’s and I first month of trying to conceive. By rough estimate I think my period is due in a few days but today i’ve had brown discharge and for a past few days have had cramps/sore & tender boobs like I would do before my period.

After some frantic googling I think that this brown discharge could maybe be implantation bleeding? What google isn’t really helping me with is when after this should I take a pregnancy test? I am worried that i’ve made myself believe that I am pregnant when maybe I am not and I don’t want to test too soon and be disappointed!


InspectorPenguin Sun 24-Apr-16 19:32:10

I think you've answered your own question smile

It's best to hold out until your period is due really, because even early response type tests can give negative results until then.

If it was implantation then I think HCG starts to be released a couple of days later, but everybody is different in terms of how much so it may not be detected by tests straight away.

If you want to make sure you definitely don't get a false negative then I'd recommend either a FRER or Superdrug Early Detection in the day you're due.

Good luck!!

Amaye Sun 24-Apr-16 20:52:16

Thanks so much - sorry but what is a FRER? blush

I really want to test but also really want to try to hold off.

InspectorPenguin Sun 24-Apr-16 22:15:21

Sorry, it's a brand of test - First Response Early Result. It seems to be the test of choice for most people testing before their period is due.

I know the waiting drags on forever and feel your pain! If you're desperate then you can try 3-4 days before you're due with one of these sensitive tests. You may well get the result you're after but if not try again in a couple of days.
And make sure you test using your first wee of the day!

I don't suppose you know when you ovulated do you? Most people get their period 14 days after ovulation so if you're already at Day 12/13 you stand a good chance of an accurate result with an FRER. Fingers crossed!

Amaye Mon 25-Apr-16 18:02:19

I have no idea when I ovulated sorry - we just decided yeah lets have a baby and started this month but now I am completely fixated on it! I think I need to do a little more reading.

Today i’ve had period like bleeding but it much lighter, so I am pretty sure my body has just been playing nasty tricks on me and this is my period here. Next month it is then smile

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