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TTC after difficulties, advice re vitamins, baby aspirin, bmi & getting by

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gingerbreadmanm Sun 24-Apr-16 09:10:25

Hello everyone!

Some people may remember me from the boards. I had a difficult mmc november 2014 then fell pregnant straight away with my ds Lucas who was stillborn July 2015. No other dc.

I am now at the point of braving coming off the pill so need encouragement and advice on the right vitamins to take (already on 5mg folic acid as a result of Lucas's post mortem).

Its worth noting i have a high bmi, around 35 at last check but that didnt create any problems in my last pregnancy e.g. gestational diabetes.

I am trying to loose weight with not much luck, emotional eater and given the circumstances find it hard to break the pattern but i am making some changes with a fitbit, swimming and eating better. Going to cut down on alcohol too, another downfall as it links with eating for me too.

Any advice greatly appreciated.

Oh with regards to baby aspirin consultant advised it from 12 weeks but i know some people take it for recurrent mc. I am thinking of taking every other day from getting a bfp until 12 weeks then i will take it as advised.

What do you think?

gingerbreadmanm Tue 26-Apr-16 14:35:36

Just asking again if anyone has any advice or success stories to share?

LondonBerry Tue 26-Apr-16 15:30:50

So sorry to hear to hear this gingerbreadmanm

I've been ttc for 8 months and 2 chemical early miscarriages so far.

I'm taking Pregnacare Conception tablets and Solgar Ubiquinol every day with meals.

Also drink red clover tea every afternoon as good for cervical mucus.

Generally try to drink less alcohol and I've cut out caffeine.

I had blood tests done and doc said my anticardiolipins count (causes clotting) is high so advised to take 75mg once I get pregnant again.

But I will take aspirin from just before ovulation as it helps blood flow to uterus etc

They also checked TSH levels and said 3.6 is high so I may also take thyroxine to decrease that number.

Snowdog37 Tue 26-Apr-16 15:36:58

My tsh was about your level and my dr said to prevent mc they like it as close to 1 as possible so put me on levothyroxine. It's on its way down pretty fast, in 6 weeks it's dropped almost 2 points. I feel better in myself too. Although I too am overweight and really need to lose at least 50lbs.

gingerbreadmanm Tue 26-Apr-16 18:07:26

Thanks ladies. Just the advice i was after.

I havent been referred for tests or anything yet and cant afford to go private. I dont know if they check these things in pregnancy but if they do ive not had any feedback to say there's a problem.

I did have my thyroid tested in the past but no problems at that point and nothing going on that suggests i have a thyroid problem.

Dont drink tea or coffee but quite often have a can of coke (one a day). Im trying to cut down on this.

Do you think taking the aspirin will do any harm if i dont have the blood clotting thing?

I dont seem to have a problem getting pregnant or even being pregnant as such. The two times i have been my body has carried on being pregnant and showing no signs of anything wrong for 3 weeks plus. I just hope to god ive been unlucky and next time will be fine.

Does anyone know what benefit progesterone is? Im considering asking for the pessaries depending on why they are effective.

WhatKatyDidnt Tue 26-Apr-16 20:07:09

I would ask for a pre-pregnancy consultation at a large teaching hospital. An experienced obstetrician or obstetric physician will be able to talk through the pros and cons of aspirin and any other interventions in your particular circumstances. It's so important not to guess at these things. Good luck and I really hope things go well.

gingerbreadmanm Tue 26-Apr-16 20:22:28

I dont think i can face it. At my sons post mortem the advice from the consultant for a future pregnancy was 5mg folic acid 3 months before conception and baby aspirin from 12 weeks pregnant.

She saw me from my sons anomaly scan (PFFD finally confirmed at post mortem).

There was no cause of death. She suggested baby aspirin as he had a low birth weight for his age (27 weeks) but he had been dead 3 weeks before delivery. From what i could find his weight was bang on for 24 weeks which is roughly when he died.

WhatKatyDidnt Tue 26-Apr-16 20:38:00

I'm so sorry.

FWIW my first born had severe IUGR and was very premature. I'm now pregnant with my second. Going back to the hospital brings back painful memories but with a complicated history a large no. of appointments is an inevitability, and I have found that the more I go back the easier it gets.

gingerbreadmanm Wed 27-Apr-16 14:20:04

Thanks katy. Hope this pregnancy is going well.

I have been back a few times to take presents and my dsil just had a baby so visited which was good as could see what happens when it's a nice ending i just dont want to put myself through unecessary appointments.

The consultant did say the chances of it happening again are virtually impossible and my pregnancy should be treat as normal.

Tbh the consultant tutted when she discovered his heart had stopped and i just dont feel like facing her. The other consultant i briefly saw before that one wrongly diagnosed his condition too. Didn't have much luck really.

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