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Pregnancy test results

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Shaz2201 Sat 23-Apr-16 15:35:38

I have taken 3 clear blue digital which tell my I am pregnant 1-2 weeks have since taken a sure sign test which shows negative and 1 X clear blue digital and 1 X sainsburys own which both seem to show feint lines but could be my eyes playing tricks on me. I have attached pictures all comments appreciated on whether I could be pregnant x

LifeIsChaos Sat 23-Apr-16 15:42:51

Yes, definitely pregnant. Those digi tests don't lie, and I can see feint lines on the others.

Pinkheart5915 Sat 23-Apr-16 15:44:36

From your photo looks like your pregnant, congratulations!
If you still aren't sure leave it 2-3 days and take another test, the superdrug early response were always the best ones for me

arandomname Sat 23-Apr-16 15:47:21

A faint line is a line. I can see clear lines in both of them, and the digital confirms it too.

That's 3 positive tests.

Now stop worrying and start enjoying being pregnant!

Congratulations! flowers flowers

arandomname Sat 23-Apr-16 15:49:08

You should just ignore the negative one btw. It is easy to get a false-negative test, and very very unlikely to get a false positive.

Shaz2201 Sat 23-Apr-16 16:26:22

Thanks all, great place to get that "double check"!!! Just didn't want to get hopes up as hubby has only just had vasectomy reversal 2 months ago, must have Suoer sperm lol x

Shaz2201 Fri 29-Apr-16 06:41:57

Took another test this morning and now a week later clear blue is showing not pregnant.. I have had no bleeding

lonerboner Fri 29-Apr-16 06:56:38

Potentially a chemical pregnancy sad

I had this.

Wiser MN's will come along soon

iwillbemrsminty Fri 29-Apr-16 09:40:05

I'm sorry OP, it does sound like a chemical if the tests are now reading negative. I also have experienced this and the cramps/bleeding started a few days later. I'm sorry if this is what happens. Day at a time and if you are especially worried, please pop to your GP. flowers

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