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TTC before colposcopy?

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Babybee88 Fri 22-Apr-16 14:20:30

Hello! I'm brand new to MN but been lurking for a while. Hope this is the right place to post this question and sorry if not blush

DH and I agreed nearly a year ago that we're going to start TTC when we go on our holibobs in a couple of weeks! However I received a letter after my smear test in February saying that I need to go for a colposcopy (I've had minor changes twice before). Just found out my appointment is at the beginning of June, but the lady on the phone said not to worry about it as it is just routine and they would've had me in a lot sooner if it was anything to worry about.

Now, myself and DH are desperate to start TTC, and we were so excited about starting on our holiday, so when I got the letter we were so disappointed that it might mean having to delay it.

Just wanted to find out other people's opinions: would it be terribly irresponsible to start TTC on holiday when I know that I have this appointment after? Now that I know it's not an urgent appointment (it will be 16 weeks between smear and colposcopy!) it's got me thinking that I'm unlikely to need treatment. And I'm unlikely to fall pg the first cycle anyway but just really want to get started! I'm in Scotland btw (if this makes any difference confused) and we are both nearly 28, been married nearly 2 years. Any advice would be much appreciated!!


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