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Ttc after stopping the pill thread 3. Join us for: Super long cycles, living in limbo, obscene amounts of poas and trying anything and everything to get that bun in the oven!

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BoBo90 Wed 20-Apr-16 13:51:55

Welcome to the 3rd thread for anyone ttc after coming off the pill smile

We're a lovely group of ladies here to support one another through the wonderful pain in the bum experience that is trying to have a baby grin

If your new to the thread please join us and if you are a lurker from our previous thread then don't be shy say hi!

Here's the link to the previuos thread:

BoBo90 Wed 20-Apr-16 13:58:40

Shiny new thread before we run out of posts on the old one!

smile Ladies-in-waiting smile

Cookie22 - ttc #1 - Cycle 6
Bobo90 - ttc #1 - Cycle 4
Shankate - ttc # - Cycle 4
Tinyemmy - ttc # - Cycle
Poin - ttc # - On hold
Lawyeredout82 - ttc #2 - On hold
Mummy2squish - ttc # - Cycle
HighHopes16 - ttc #1 - Cycle 3
Sparkle789 - ttc # - Cycle 1
CatMum87 - ttc #1 - Cycle 1
May07 - ttc #1 - Cycle 2

grin Resident Preggo’s grin


iwillbemrsminty Wed 20-Apr-16 15:00:30

Hi ladies, I'll hop on please if that's ok smile

Name: Minty
Age: 34 (35 in July)
Came off pill in January
TTC: #1
Cycle 4: Earlier this month I got a week of BFP's but ended up being chemical so onto to Cycle 4...
Currently CD7

Looking forward to sharing our ttc journey smile

CatMum87 Wed 20-Apr-16 15:03:50

Ooooh a new thread! Ha, great title, very apt, love it- thanks Bobo!!

Sunnydays321 Wed 20-Apr-16 15:46:05

Yay to 3rd thread. Thanks bobo. Hi mrsminty, welcome! Sorry about your chemical but you sound positive about moving onto cycle 4. In got my fingers crossed for you!


Cookie22 Wed 20-Apr-16 18:57:17

Hi ladies, I'm place marking! How we all doing? Sunny, hope you had a relaxing holiday! Def going to follow your advice and start taking the Agnus again. Never realised you can start mid cycle & if you got your bfp by doing that then I'm gonna give it a go! Ordered it there with next day delivery. OPK completely neg today again- so frustrating!! Got some new ones last week with a purple stick, not like the usual green ones. Now I'm blaming the pissy sticks!! Trying to dtd roughly 3 times a week to cover ourselves anyways!

Bobo, Catmum- crazy cat lady's R Us! grin can't get enough of my little lady!

Anyways- my moan of the day is that I rushed from work to get my nails done, paid Β£25 and got out the shop and they all bloody smudged! Shop was shut by the time I went back. Rage! Had a crappy day in work too. Feet up, cuppa t and trash tv is what I need tonight! Xx

Cookie22 Wed 20-Apr-16 18:59:01

Welcome MrsMinty, it's nice to have more people with us! Sorry to hear about the chemical last month, that must have been hard sad fx for a sticky bean this month hun xx

BoBo90 Wed 20-Apr-16 19:42:46

Welcome mrsminty! I hope this is a lucky thread for you πŸ™‚

Cookie - that's so annoying can you go back and complain tomorrow?

Shiny new thread before we run out of posts on the old one!

πŸ™‚ Ladies-in-waiting πŸ™‚

Cookie22 - ttc #1 - Cycle 6
Bobo90 - ttc #1 - Cycle 4
Shankate - ttc # - Cycle 4
Tinyemmy - ttc # - Cycle
Poin - ttc # - On hold
Lawyeredout82 - ttc #2 - On hold
Mummy2squish - ttc # - Cycle
HighHopes16 - ttc #1 - Cycle 3
Sparkle789 - ttc # - Cycle 1
CatMum87 - ttc #1 - Cycle 1
May07 - ttc #1 - Cycle 2
Iwillbemrsminty - ttc #1 - Cycle 4

πŸŽ‰πŸΌπŸŽ‰ Resident Preggo’s πŸŽ‰πŸΌπŸŽ‰


Cookie22 Wed 20-Apr-16 19:51:41

I'll probably try and go back after work tomorrow if I have time. Not the end of the world but I just love to have a wee moan every now and then ha! Xx

cnchapmanxx Wed 20-Apr-16 20:26:05

Hi girls! How is everyone?
I'm super fkin tired. My boobs are like rocks and I had such a bad day yesterday I had to take a clear blue digital just for it to sink in proper as I've had nightmares about chemical pregnancys. So in feeling better today! Anyway enough about me how is everyone else?

Sunny - did u enjoy your holiday? We're did you go? Xx

Cookie - keep checking the sticks babe hopefully you will ov sooner rather than later then you and bobo can join the resident preggos πŸ˜‚ Sorry about your nails Hun I haven't had any in weeks mainly because I can't type at work with them sad

Bobo - thanks for the new thread babe! How are you today?

Mrs minty - welcome Hun this is a lovley thread so sorry to hear about your chemical πŸ™πŸ™ must have Been awful but your in the right place hugs for you xxx

May07 Wed 20-Apr-16 20:37:34

Thanks for new thread Bobo.

Welcome Mrs minty ... Sorry to hear about the chemical. But fingers crossed you fall again quickly.

Congrats on digital test chapman must be very reassuring to see it in text.

I'm officially into cycle 3, AF turned up this morning. Been a bit sulky today but know I just need to get on with it. AC due to be delivered tomorrow so I will get cracking on that! smile

iwillbemrsminty Wed 20-Apr-16 20:48:31

Thanks everyone, 'twas shit but mini minty evidently wasn't meant to be a Christmas baba so it's ok. We've moved on and are looking forward!

Love reading everyone's updates smile

Cookie22 Wed 20-Apr-16 21:43:36

Woo hoo Chapman- love the CB digital! Must make it all the more official ❀️❀️❀️

Also, loving 'resident preggo' phrase - good call Bobo gringrin can't wait until I become one! Xx

Loulabelle1990 Thu 21-Apr-16 07:42:13

Hi ladies, hope you are all well!

I haven't posted on here in ages! Sorry for my absence, been busy getting married amongst other things. So happy to see your BFP chapman grin.

I am currently on cycle 3, have had two periods since stopping cerazette in December. Apparently I ovulated last week but we shall see as I haven't been doing OPK's, just going by my kindara app. AF is supposedly due on 10th May.

Hope you're all okay smile xx

Sunnydays321 Thu 21-Apr-16 09:27:43

Love the clear blue Chapman. Mine made me feel better.

Loulabelle massive congratulations on your wedding! Good luck for this cycle.

May: sorry about af. You are allowed to feel sad, it's disappointing. But get on the Angus cactus and fingers crossed for next cycle for you.

Yeah had a lovely holiday thanks, was a bit tricky keeping it from my mum but I think I managed to hide it despite not drinking and feeling a bit sicky! I was sick for this 1st time this morning out of nowhere! Felt that weird staving/sick feeling... Was putting some washing in the machine and just suddenly was wretching. And so it begins! As grim as it is im actually quite pleased! How weird is that! Lol Xx

HighHopes16 Thu 21-Apr-16 09:44:52

Morning all,
AF has arrived today which I'm actually really pleased about as my bloating should go down & hoping OV will come around soon.
Congratulations on your wedding Loulabelle1990 !
OBEM makes me sooo broody too.

HighHopes16 Thu 21-Apr-16 09:45:19

sooo onto cycle 4 of ttc for me!

CatMum87 Thu 21-Apr-16 10:11:27

Congratulations on your wedding loulabelle!! Hope it was a lovely day smile

Ah Chapman, seeing it in writing, black and white, must make it all the more real!! And Sunny, snap with the sickness!!

Cookie, Bobo- all aboard the crazy cat club! My little fella is quite furry, he came back last night all silky and smooth like he had been brushed shock

Highhopes, May- at least you can now move onto the next cycle, fingers crossed this is the lucky one for you guys!

See you all in a few days xx

tinyemmy Thu 21-Apr-16 13:57:46

Congratulations Loulabelle on the wedding and chapman on the clearblue!!

I'm on cycle 1 CD 148 after coming off the pill in December last year. Although I had loads and I mean loads of what I think was EWCM yesterday so forced the hubby to dtd. Fingers crossed!! Although right now I'd be happy with AF let alone BFP.

For the record this is for TTC#2 (DD is 2 and a half she nearly died when she was born so took hubby - and me - this long to think we might want another child and now I'm worried about age gaps and age - I'm 36 this year)

Oh I bought agnus cagnus but have only taken one so far a week or so ago and then went away for the weekend and then forgot to take it!! I might wait 14 days - fingers crossed!!! until I start using it again!

I hope everyone else is well!

Loulabelle1990 Thu 21-Apr-16 17:33:10

Thank you everyone smile. Now I am back at work my post marriage bubble has well & truly burst!

Wow tiny that's a long old cycle! I thought my 72 days was bad! I had 72 days and then 42 days so slowly dropping, but I am really hoping for a BFP this month. I have sore boobs already and not due to test until 10th May and keep getting a mild pinching sensation on my left side. Might just be normal and symptom spotting (as we do!)

Hopefully the Agnus cagnus will work for you - fingers crossed!

BoBo90 Thu 21-Apr-16 18:09:07

Hi girls smile I'm cd5 so not much going on atm but af has buggered off already which is nice!

Nice digi Chapman wink you're making me jealous haha! I'm good thanks hun, work is stressing me out a little but other than that life is pretty boring! Hope you and mini chap are all good too grin

Highhopes - that's good news and a nice positive attitude! fx for a pain free af and ov soon!

Congratulations on the wedding loulabelle hope you had a fab day!

Tiny you poor thing that is a horrendously long cycle! I really hope you ov'd and the cycle will come to an end soon. Hopefully with a nice bfp wink

Updated list:
smile Ladies-in-waiting smile

Cookie22 - ttc #1 - Cycle 6
Bobo90 - ttc #1 - Cycle 4
Shankate - ttc # - Cycle 4
Tinyemmy - ttc #2 - Cycle 1
Poin - ttc # - On hold
Lawyeredout82 - ttc #2 - On hold
Mummy2squish - ttc # - Cycle
HighHopes16 - ttc #1 - Cycle 4
Sparkle789 - ttc # - Cycle 1
CatMum87 - ttc #1 - Cycle 1
May07 - ttc #1 - Cycle 3
Iwillbemrsminty - ttc #1 - Cycle 4
Loulabelle1990 - ttc # - Cycle 3

grin _ Resident Preggos_ grin


May07 Thu 21-Apr-16 19:26:22

Hi everyone. Feeling a bit more myself today and glad to be starting a new cycle. AC arrived today so taken as soon as I walked in!! Now just need them to work some magic!

Congrats loulabelle on your wedding. I got married easier this year so know all about about the back to work Blues!!

Sunny glad you had a nice holiday and lovely you can find the positives of being sick wink!

Fingers crossed for a BFP Tinyemmy you deserve after 148 days!

Johno85 Thu 21-Apr-16 19:45:48

Hi, I've just joined this site and this thread sums up where I'm at.

Came off the pill in October
Actively TTC #1 since January
Irregular cycles: 32,42,37,47 now on cycle day 24
Recently started using CB digital OPK as cheapie ones off the internet I never got a +ve. Have had 10 days of flashing (high fertility) "smiley" faces, she is mocking me!

Nice to see lots of people in the same situation x

thisisbloodyridiculous Thu 21-Apr-16 20:16:36

Hi ladies rejoining the thread! Was on the first one briefly but had a tough first cycle so disappeared for a bit. I'm on cycle 3 cd 19 last period was 35 days long so hoping I'm currently in fertile period and DTD EOD. Hoping to catch this month!! Congrats to everyone with BFP already grin

Cookie22 Thu 21-Apr-16 20:43:04

Congratulations Loula on your wedding! Hope you had a lovely day. Welcome, Johno & it's nice to see you back ThisisbloodyRidiculous! I'm cd20 so at a similar stage to you. Hoping for ov pretty soon but still neg OPKs!

Sunny, glad you had a great hol Mrs! Wooo for the sickyness! Must be a strangely satisfying feeling though I hope it doesn't get any worse for you. Well done on managing to hide it from your mum- I don't think I could have managed that!

Still nothing to report here. Tmi but had quite a lot of cm today (some of which I thought was ewcm). I'm hoping this may be a sign ov is in its way! OPKs are still negative tho, argh! Xx

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