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TTC#2 for over a year - blood test results

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Hobbes39 Wed 20-Apr-16 12:45:02

Hi All - I was hoping to gain some knowledge from those of you that have been there... My husband and I have been TTC no2 for 14 months now - we have an almost 3yr old. We got pregnant 5 months ago, however it turned out to be ectopic (self resolving) so sadly that didnt work out - and I am been referred to get an HSG to check my tubes and to see if there is any other reason for taking so long.To be referred I need to have bloods done and so far I have the following results back, but my GP doesnt seem to have a clue whether they are good / bad...!

7DPO ('day 21') progesterone - 26.5

CD4 (day 3 was a sunday) bloods:
LH: 2.9ul

Can anyone advise, are these good? Should I be concerened? I dont want to have to wait until i get my referral appointment in 4 months to know if there is something i could be doing now as I am 39 and time is of the essence..!
thanks x

Hobbes39 Wed 20-Apr-16 14:04:45

I meant to add - CD4 E2 result is 165, which the doc said is 'a little high, but fine' but I'm worried it's not fine as its outside the range and I see things about high Estrogen suppressing true FSH levels??

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