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First flashing smiley face on CB duo - only sign of O??

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Jasper27 Tue 19-Apr-16 09:05:42

Hi ladies,

Just looking for some advice please! This is just my 2nd cycle TTC and 1st month of temping & OPKs. I have a fairly typical 28day cycle and I'm on CD11.

I've been using CB duo OPKs since CD7 and today I got my first flashing smiley (yay!). I also took a standard OPK and got a BFN. I know the CB duo can detect up to 4 days in advance, compared to the standard 2, so this isn't a huge shock. However as it is my 1st month using these I'm not sure how long my flashing smiley will go on for (I've heard people say 10+ days!!). I have been feeling a few twinges and sharp pains the past few days which I thought might be ovulation pains but can't be certain.

My CM doesn't seem in the fertile stage. Just quite "damp" down there - sorry if tmi! - but def no EWCM and yesterday I had a small patch of creamy discharge on my underwear - again sorry if tmi!

I doubt if my BBT chart could tell me anything after only a week of temping? I had a bit of a dip today but also tested about 90 mins earlier than usual.

My partner leaves today to go back to work 400 miles away so it's our last chance this cycle - do you think it could work with only a CB duo flashy smiley on our side?! All the other signs suggest not. Anyone else had success with similar?

Thanks in advance!

1stTimeRounder Tue 19-Apr-16 19:51:55

The CB tests do start to show the flashing smiley as the estrogen increases and in my experience it can last 2-4 days before peak. However (TMI) sperm can survive for up to 72 hours in the womb (this is why people say to do it every other day)... so if you do it now but don't test positive for ovulation for a day or two then there is still a chance one of his swimmers will still be there to meet it smile

Just give it a go! Worth a try anyway... good luck!

Jasper27 Tue 19-Apr-16 22:15:06

Thanks so much. We BD'd tonight just in case! Used Conceive Plus and Soft Cups to give them a bit more of a chance!

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