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how long does it take to get a negative?

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LotsaTuddles Mon 18-Apr-16 08:12:41

So on 27th March I had a scan that said I'd had an mmc. Baby was about 6 weeks when heart stopped beating. I started bleeding on 2nd April and passed everything on 4th.

I did a (CB digital) test today (18th) and it said pregnant 1-2. Is that normal, or should it be negative by now?

FrazzleRock Mon 18-Apr-16 15:37:10

I was told two weeks for the hormone to leave the system.

Sounds like a new pregnancy to me, but don't want to get your hopes up too much!

FourForYouGlenCoco Mon 18-Apr-16 15:53:14

Sorry for your loss flowers
It's different for everyone but it can take a while tbh. I had mmc and ERPC at almost 11w and had a super faint positive 3 weeks later, so would prob have been negative a day or two after that.
Not to put a downer on things, but I'd be very surprised if it was a new pregnancy - to be getting a positive already, you'd have had to fall pregnant again within a couple of days of MC. I'd pick up a few cheap line tests and test a few days apart - the lines should get fainter as your hcg levels drop. Fingers crossed for you all goes back to normal soon and your next pregnancy is straightforward.

PJ12 Tue 19-Apr-16 08:29:26

I'm sorry for your loss. I had m/c at 8 weeks and it took 3.5 weeks to get a negative test. I second getting some cheap tests and testing every few days (much cheaper than paying for clearblue).

Spotsondots Tue 19-Apr-16 09:06:46

Sorry for your loss thankssad

I recently had a MMC at 13 weeks. I was advised to do a test 3 weeks after I MC. I did and it was negative then. It can apparently take a while though. I think, though not impossible (and speaking as someone who has previously conceived straight after a MC previously) it is a little early for a new pregnancy, though it completely depends on your cycle. I would test again in a few days and if it remains positive then I would speak to EPAU or your GP for advice.

puzzledleopard Tue 19-Apr-16 10:38:08

So sorry for you loss x

FourForYou is right it is different for everyone and it depends how much HCG has built up in your system if your Hcg was on the low side and that was an indication there maybe something wrong with the pregnancy it would get to normal levels faster,. For some people there hcg levels continue to rise right up perhaps not quite doubling but close to correct levels until mc happens.

This time last year I had a Mc at 7 weeks I had a Positive the week before around the 6th I went to EPU 14th 16th 18th and Hcg was dropping but it didn't go back to within normal levels until 1st of May So it took around 17days to get back from first sign of bleeding.

In October had a Mc around 5 weeks by the end of the weeks wait it was back to normal levels but it wasnt high to begin with which suggested there was something wrong as it was no where near the levels it should have been.

I wouldn't say it's likely to be a new pregnancy although you can get pregnant straight away without a period in between. I'm not sure there has been quite enough time for that as cb digital to be getting a test result now would mean you conceived 1-2 weeks ago which would make it you conceived on the 11th (to be within 1 week) which I think would be unlikely 4th for 2 weeks which wouldn't be possible.

I would phone the doctors or speak to your local EPU and explain the situation I am surprised they didn't invite you back to check I wasnt allowed to leave their care either times until it was back to normal levels incase there was anything retained.

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