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IVF in London - experience, recommendations, dos and don'ts?

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DougalTheCheshireCat Sun 17-Apr-16 20:09:49

OK, so i find it hard to believe we are here, but we are looking to start IVF in London asap. We may well go private, though i will also look into whether we will get treatment on the NHS.

I've done some reading around, and chatted to one very knowledgeable friend now in her second IVF pregnancy. But i value my privacy so don't want to broadcast around my friendship circles.

At the same time, i know like any other big new, thing, there are some things that you only find out as you go through it, but wish you'd known before / would do differently next time.

So. If you've had IVF recently please give me the wisdom of your experience...

I'm particularly interested in:
- how you chose a clinic and doctor? We've already had some tests and other treatments (progesterone, climbed) under a gynaecologist at the Portland, but i'm not that impressed by her. I feel she's not on top of our case, often reading my file for the first time as i sit down in her room, miss remembering things, jumping around in her suggested treatment plan (she's suggested a different approach the last three times i've seen her, but each one has been said confidently as if it was a considered plan).
- which clinic / doctor did you go to, and did you rate them? If so why? Currently looking at CARE, Create Fertility, Guys. Any other suggestions?
- what questions to ask at first appointments, subsequent appointments etc?
- costs looks like, private, the going rate is around £3500 a round, but with drugs and scans often on top. Then anything further like ICSI extra.
- if you did ICSI how did you decide on this? did you do straight forward IVF first and then move up?

Me: I've just turned 39. been TTC DC2 since start of 2015. I was breast feeding for most of that year, but stopped in December 2015. My cycle has been shorter for me, 23 days at its shortest, though now seems to be lengthening back towards a more standard length (last two cycles have been 27 & 28 days, though it looks like this one will fall short to 25 or 26). I spot for 7-8 days before my period comes. There is less of this now in terms of quantity, but it is still there, no less number of spotting days.
I've had three previous pregnancies, two easy (accident and miscalculation) one ended in a miscarriage, one an EMA. TTC DC2 took 9 months, id always had a very regular cycle but was on the mini pill cerazette for three months just before TTC. I hated it, and it upset my hormone balance, and started the pre-period spotting / progesterone issue. That time progesterone supplements sorted it and we conceived the second cycle with those.
DH: is 41, sperm is ok, but not great. may well be part of the issue.
In general: we've had a very stressful time throughout TTC with a house renovation, now pretty much finished. Wished we'd not been doing that as i feel its got in the way of having No2, but can't take it back now.

I'm ready to be pregnant, now, (DC1 is nearly three) so its time to up the ante

So tell me ladies, all i need to know to a short and successful and hopefully reasonably priced journey with IVF in London grin

DougalTheCheshireCat Sun 17-Apr-16 20:10:29

Sorry that should be TTC DC1 took 9 months, not DC2 - I wish!

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