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Our three year journey to pregnancy

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lrg1983 Fri 15-Apr-16 15:32:11

Hi everyone,

My husband and I are very happy that we are now 16 weeks pregnant. However, it's been a long journey with lots of stress and anxiety along the way... which didn't need to be the case. We thought we'd share our story in case you are in the same situation as we were.

Three years ago, we started trying for a baby. We were quite relaxed about the whole thing. When 6 months had gone by we went to the GP who told us they wouldn't do any investigations until we'd been trying for 1 year, and in my case as I have irregular periods, 1.5 years. Oh joy.

Then another 6 months went by and I felt something wasn't right, so I decided to go privately. There was nothing wrong with me so we got my husband checked. Turned out his soldiers had amazing mobility, but there weren't a lot of them! And of those that were there, a high proportion of them were abnormal.

So our gynae said "the good news is you'll get pregnant, but this will only happen with IVF".

So after more discussions, we were referred to a well-known fertility clinic. The doctor said the same thing to us about our odds. She then added, when asked, "there is nothing your husband can do to improve his situation. You can try but it will be a waste of money and it won't make one iota of difference".

Everyone else we spoke to (e.g. friends who had been through it etc) said IVF is definitely your best chance. Just crack on and don't waste any more time.

So on we went to start IVF.

I endured the injections, scans and all the side effects. They didn't want to give me a large dose as I was very fertile and at risk of developing complications from the drugs. So when it came time to taking out the eggs, unfortunately there were only 3 and not enough to proceed.

So we took the trigger injection to release the eggs, had sex, and guess what... we fell pregnant! Just with the ovarian stimulation and not IVF.

When this happened, we thought, clearly everything they've been saying to us is a lie. We can get pregnant without IVF!

Unfortunately, 11 weeks later we found out the pregnancy wasn't meant to be. I cried for a day or two, had an operation to remove it, found out it was caused by an extremely rare chromosome disorder called Triploidy, and then moved on with my life. Positivity is my number 1 motto!

The consultant that did my operation was so lovely. He was the first doctor to tell us IVF is not the option for us. He said we should try for a while with just ovarian stimulation (using pills not needles, yay!) and see how it goes. "Relax, it will happen." So we stayed with him to do this. We tried IUI a couple of times during the process just to up our chances.

During all this, we got pregnant again but had an early miscarriage. Just another sign that we could do it on our own!! Hope was around the corner.

When we did IUI again, the scientist at the clinic suggested my husband see a urologist and our consultant agreed. So, we went to see the most incredible man. He said "I can definitely help and I just wish more gynaecologists would stop referring the women to IVF and tell the man to see someone first if the issue comes from their side."

So he prescribed my husband a pill to take every other day and sent us both off to see a lovely fertility nutritionist. We adjusted our diets accordingly, my husband cut out caffeine, upped his running schedule, took lots of supplements and for several months we were dedicated to the cause. My husband changed hormone pills a couple of times, but the result of this and the nutritional plan doubled his output and improved the quality of his sperm considerably.

Seven months later... we fell pregnant naturally!! I'm now 16 weeks and so far everything is looking, in the words of my amazing consultant, "perfect".

So... if the problem is with the man, please don't rush off to do IVF. It's entirely your choice of course, but I feel that there are other less invasive and more successful options around, which should first be explored.

Does anyone else have similar stories to share or are any of you on the same path we went down?

Loki17 Sat 16-Apr-16 16:54:09

Congratulations on your pregnancy and thank you for sharing your story.

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