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12 (ish) dpo

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Dsmummy Thu 14-Apr-16 08:36:41

Hi all smile I'm around 12dpo and have had 2 frer tests the last 2 days each with what I thought was a positive result but I believe they are actually indents. I'm expecting my period sad. Im probably past the point of there being any chance now aren't I?

Lemons2015 Thu 14-Apr-16 09:22:23

Post a picture up (if you still have the FRER)?

Lemons2015 Thu 14-Apr-16 09:23:00

Indents are greyish and pregnancy lines are pinkish...

Dsmummy Thu 14-Apr-16 09:31:25

The one yesterday was definitely pinkish but this mornings was barely anything

Lemons2015 Thu 14-Apr-16 09:58:28

12 dpo are still early days. Do a digital test in 2-3 days time.

I think FRER nearly always show indents anyway.

My result from yesterday's FRER at 13 dpo.... Do you see anything?

Lemons2015 Thu 14-Apr-16 09:59:14

When I hold the phone away from me I can see faint line on your test

Dsmummy Thu 14-Apr-16 10:03:07

I'm no expert at all but I definitely can see something on yours

Lemons2015 Thu 14-Apr-16 11:00:08

I'm now 14dpo, just did a digital and 'Not Pregnant' sad

Those FRERs give false hope with their ever so faint lines!

fraggle84 Thu 14-Apr-16 11:03:49

Clear blue ones aren't as accurate as frer as they need a higher level of the hormone to detect

I'd retest

Obliviated Thu 14-Apr-16 11:05:56

First Response seem to be really bad lately for indent lines.

Lemons2015 Thu 14-Apr-16 11:11:41

The digital I used was Boots own brand one. Said 'Not Pregnant' so giving up hope for this month!

Am 14dpo with period due tomorrow so if I was pregnant it should have detected it????

Dsmummy Thu 14-Apr-16 11:53:21

Every month I tell myself not to get my hopes up too high but always this last few days around period are stressful.
I guess you're not out until your period arrives though. Good luck smile

StarkyTheDirewolf Thu 14-Apr-16 11:55:11

I know it's hard but you need to stop testing early. Some people get a bfp at 10 dpo, some don't get them till a week after af is due. It depends on if/when the sperm met the egg, when it implanted, how fast your hcg rates start being produced. There is no hard and fast rule. The digital are not as sensitive. But waiting till af is actually late is the best advice I can give you. Will keep my fx for you.

And this comes from someone who's cycles can go as long as 6 weeks.

Dsmummy Thu 14-Apr-16 12:35:24

You are quite right.

Dsmummy Thu 14-Apr-16 17:04:02

Well Aunt Flo arrived so that's me out

Lemons2015 Thu 14-Apr-16 17:17:44

Sorry DSmummy better luck next month.... I think I will be out soon too sad

Dsmummy Thu 14-Apr-16 19:35:48

Well good luck, stay thinking positive!

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