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Positive or not?

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Redlette667 Wed 13-Apr-16 16:21:30

Hi I'm new here. My husband and I have been ttc for years now and I had a miscarriage back in October. Since then we've been taking supplements and charting, and I have a better idea of my cycle. This month my charting app said I ovulated on the 30th March putting me at 14 dpo (luteal phase is normally 10-12 days) so I caved this morning and poas (Internet cheapy). I got a very faint line (1St pic) so I peed on another again faint line. Bought a FR and again a line(2nd pic). What does everyone think? Positive or an evap line? I'm so scared, lost the last one very soon after positive test. I'm getting cramps but no af, and I have one very sore nipple (weird huh?) hubby says it's to soon to get excited but it's a positive isn't it?

FuzzyOwl Wed 13-Apr-16 16:22:25

Sorry for your loss in October but congratulations today because that is definitely a line.

hanflan Wed 13-Apr-16 16:24:58

Definitely positive, congrats!

PeppaAteMySoul Wed 13-Apr-16 16:27:39

If it was an evap line it would be grey/ white. That line is definitely pink so is positive. Huge congratulations!!

mollymaid16 Wed 13-Apr-16 16:28:11

It's positive smile

PeppaAteMySoul Wed 13-Apr-16 16:29:26

And I'm pregnant at the moment had Af style cramping from 4 weeks. My midwife has told me not to worry it's normal. I know it must be hard for you after your loss. flowers

Lemons2015 Wed 13-Apr-16 16:54:24


Redlette667 Wed 13-Apr-16 19:35:47

Thanks all, I stare at those things so often I think I'm imagining lines. I know I'll end up doing tests every day till the line is dark enough but after nearly ten years of trying we weren't confident it would ever happen. All I can do now is try to relax and hope the little bean holds on tight. We've given it the best chance we can so fingers and toes crossed.

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