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TTC 8 months anyone tried Vitex?

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TahiraJB Wed 13-Apr-16 15:22:47

I've started using a herbal med called VITEX 1000mg once a day since last week. Evidence shows it helps to regulate hormones, PCOS and has helped lots of couples conceive. On day 7 wait n see!!

rider1975 Wed 03-Aug-16 20:58:49

How are you finding the Vitex?
I have been taking the tincture from WholeFoods. I had two MCs but have always had regular periods and no other problems. After maybe 8 weeks of taking it, I've decided to stop as my period is late and OPK sticks didn't show I ovulated this month. I believe it's the Vitex (have also been taking co-enzyme Q10 and maca).
Interested to hear your experience.

physicskate Wed 03-Aug-16 21:13:54

Vitex is also called agnus castus and you are only meant to be taken until ovulation when ttc. It may help some people, or not. A quick google shows conflicting evidence...

rider1975 Wed 03-Aug-16 22:12:28

Thanks for the post - yes I've seen a lot of different info re vitex including when to take it during the cycle. Stepping back from this for now

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