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Late period, predicted late ovulation and TTC long distance!

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vivere87 Wed 13-Apr-16 14:43:13


My partner and I are in our 2nd cycle TTC. Unfortunately he works away a lot and so we have to plan our dates well. I was 3 days late getting my (usually very regular) period this month so, aside from getting our hopes up, we are now worried that this will screw up our dates for TTC this month.

According to my period tracker app, I'm now due to ovulate on 22nd instead of 19th. He is home on 17th April but has to leave again on 19th to go back to work. I've read that sperm can survive for up to 5 days but usually just 2... Any tips on kick-starting ovulation a few days early or prolonging the life of the sperm for a few days? I had looked into safely storing the sperm but this doesn't look to be a likely option.

Any tips or advice would be much appreciated!

Thanks in advance.

Russkispy Sat 16-Apr-16 09:51:23

Hi Vivere,
Can't think of any tips but I'm in the same boat as you although I'm the one who works away and my DH is back at home. I'm working in Iraq and here 5 weeks at a time, then spending 3 weeks in Kent.
I'm heading home next week and it'll be our first month of TTC.
And I'll be 40 tomorrow! and DH will be 41 next month.
May I ask your age and also how you're coping with long distance.
I keep a track of my period and ovulation on all calendars imaginable but it differs every month.
So hopefully it will work first time. Fingers crossed.
As for sperm, it can survive up to 5 days and your best days for TTC are 2 days prior ovulation and on the day of ovulation.
Let me know how you're getting on.

EagleRay Sat 16-Apr-16 09:57:00

I don't have any specific advice but DP works away most of each week and my cycle is a bit unpredictable. Oh and throw in a medical condition causing infertility on top, and recent perimenopause.

I haven't had a positive ovulation test for years. and we rarely dtd

And yet... I've managed to conceive aged 41 and 44 confused. DD2 arriving in 2 weeks

Russkispy Sat 16-Apr-16 10:18:52

Hi EagleRay,
Congratulations! How long have you been TTC prior your first one, if I may ask?
I'm just getting stressed about missing fertile window as working in Iraq it's not that easy to pop back home.
And I'm also worried it might take months of TTC.
I'm taking different supplements and also aware of my "older" age and trying to stay positive
Any positive support is welcome

EagleRay Sat 16-Apr-16 13:25:57

Thank you - started TTC around the time I turned 40 and got pregnant after a few months (3-4 I think) but had early MC. Then got pregnant again 6 months later while on a kind of 'giving up TTC' holiday, and had DD1 aged 41. Then big gap of over 3 years before next BFP - part of the reason I think it took so long was because after having DD1 my ovulation date shifted by almost a week from CD14 to around CD7! Was getting symptoms early in cycle but never managed to get any sort of sign re testing that anything was actually happening.

I really recommend you join the 40+ TTC group on conception as they are a goldmine of information and support. Good luck!

Russkispy Sat 16-Apr-16 19:34:36

Thank you, EagleRay
That's my biggest worry - MC.
I'm still very much new to this site. Where do I find this group on here?

EagleRay Sat 16-Apr-16 20:04:57

There's always the risk, and it does increase as you get older, but so, so many friends my age have gone on to have healthy babies afterwards.

I will dig out a link to the group for you x

EagleRay Sat 16-Apr-16 20:07:16

Here it is Fabulous forty + ttc and having success!

Russkispy Sat 16-Apr-16 20:37:23

Thank you Eagle! Just join it!
Hopefully soon will be reporting something positive 😉

EagleRay Sat 16-Apr-16 20:59:30

Yes always stay hopeful, even if the odds don't seem great!

vivere87 Sat 16-Apr-16 21:55:08

Thanks for all the replies. I'm 28 and my partners 27, finding long distance tricky to be honest! However it's allowing us to (hopefully) afford a child and forces us to make the most of our time together. Hopefully it's just for the next 2'years. Just started using BBT and CB OPKs. Had a big BBT dip today but think because I tested a few hours earlier than usual. Really hope I got a positive OPK tomorrow as my partner will be up for 48 hours... Fingers crossed!! Good luck to all of you, baby dust and BFPs all round ladies! x

Russkispy Sun 17-Apr-16 07:28:01

Thank you Vivere,
I'm on CD6 and will be rushing home next week as it's end of my shift and in time for OV. I'm pretty regular with OV, always falling onto CD13. I've been OPK since last year but never done BBT. Must look into it.
Fingers and toes are crossed for you! Keep us posted!

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