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Anyone get pegnant on nexplanon BC implant?? Concerned!

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Micky621 Wed 13-Apr-16 02:10:32

Help!! Sorry that this is kind of long, I'm just concerned/confused
.Hello, first let me ask HAS ANYONE GOTTEN PREGNANT OF NEXPLANON?!?! And here is whhy I'm concerned.. I had nexplanon BC implanted last June (about 15 months ago) as soon as I got it in my periods completely stopped. I had most pregnancy symptoms as everyone else has claiming to,have on it but then they went away and haven't really had them for 3 or 4 months. About a week or 2 ago I started getting weird random headaches and then the other day I went to go eat Chinese (which is like one of my favorite foods!) I took a bite and almost threw up! After that I started feeling weird to my stomach, like a cramp but not really a cramp I guess I could say it was like a butterfly feeling but really really low, I've gained a little but of weight and become bloated and the smell of bosco sticks (large cheese stick) which I usually eat made me really really sick to my stomach (most smells that I usually like a bothering me ) Today when I woke up I was okay but my stomach was still bloated and felt a little hard towards the bottom to push on, towards lunch I felt kinda dizzy and off balanced and sick to eat then the butterfly feeling started again, then I got a headache. Dinner, I felt sick to my stomach to eat again and my stomach is still bloated and kind of hard now and it feels weird towards my lower stomach to lay on my belly (like I can tell its hard) but the butterflies start again when I stand up! I'm taking a test in the morning! Kind of hoping it's positive kinda of hoping it's not. But I'm going to be very angry if it's just this implants symtpoms! I've wanted this out for 2 months now! Worst BC ever, I think!!

Brenna24 Wed 13-Apr-16 12:21:24

One of my friends got pregnant right before insertion and didn't find out until she went into the hospital with suspected appendicitis and got sent to the labour suite from A&E. The only way to find out is to do a test.

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