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How quickly do pregnancy tests work?

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Ughnotagain Mon 11-Apr-16 18:58:34

I imagine this will have been asked before, so apologies.

But, I'm breastfeeding and periods haven't returned yet, so nothing to judge against date wise. (DD is 10 months - haven't had a period since August 2014!)

Have had unprotected sex a couple of times over the past few weeks and the past few days I've just felt weird. Tired (not just sleep deprived tired, heavy full body tired), and today I've felt sick all afternoon (the same kind of 'morning sickness' nausea I had with DD).

But when I was pregnant with DD it was different to this; I was really sensitive to smells all of a sudden and that's when I thought to test. Though that could come later I suppose...

I've done a couple of tests over the past week and they've both been negative. Is it worth testing again? I thought about getting some cheap dip tests and doing one a week for the next couple of weeks maybe? confused

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