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ovulation. confused ?

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Valerie21 Mon 11-Apr-16 16:16:21

I don't understand when i am ovulating ? Is it 12 days after your period? Or 12 days before?
I have my period just now. Say I have it from the 10th - the 16th.
When will I be ovulating ??

BiftasWifta Mon 11-Apr-16 16:19:32

You usually ovulate 14 days before your period, but that's a rough guide.

Ovulation can vary month to month, stress etc can delay ovulation or you could just ovulate late/early one month. Your luteal phase (time between ovulation and period) doesn't tend to change though. Most women have a luteal phase of 12-14 days but again this varies. The only way to be sure is to temp, or use ovulation tests for a rough idea.

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