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The wait is making me insane!

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Blueandpinklove Mon 11-Apr-16 09:58:23

That really!! I think I am about 9dpo but not entirely sure. I would be thrilled with a bfp but to be completely honest would be a little relieved with a bfn... My brain is going crazy. I'd love a wee baby, but don't relish the whole sick and achy pregnancy stage so now that it is a possibility I'm in emotional upheaval. I did a test 3 days ago and then 2 days ago with a bfn but I know that is early so now it is the waiting game... How do others distract themselves from being obsessed with symptoms and deal with intense emotions??

tjcarroll91 Mon 11-Apr-16 10:21:54

For a start I have no idea what '9dpo', 'bfp' and 'bfn' stand for so this makes no sense at all to me lol sorry I'm new to all this. So i'm just going to guess that you are wanting to conceive but it hasn't happened yet and you find yourself obsessing over possible pregnancy symptoms?

Blueandpinklove Mon 11-Apr-16 11:21:56

Haha yes tj that is pretty much it!
Dpo- days past ovulation
Bfp- big fat positive (pregnant)
Bfn-big fat negative (not pregnant)

That is my take on them from reading these boards - correct me if I'm wrong! smile

MyKingdomForBrie Mon 11-Apr-16 11:34:53

Hmm, not sure I'd be ttc if I wasn't sure whether I wanted a bfp! You'd 'love a wee baby' but the pregnancy stage is probably the easy bit for most compared to the reality of dealing with a baby.. You need to be totally prepared.

Is this your first or no? If not then clearly you know what you're letting yourself in for!! Just POAS and see what happens.. A FRER might tell you at this stage.

Blueandpinklove Mon 11-Apr-16 21:42:48

Thanks Kingdom, what you say is true. I have 2 DC so far and I have been broody on and off for #3 and if we are going to go for the chance it will be now (my age and the age gap between DCs). I am a horrible pregnant person, but I love being a mom!

I may quit the fingernail biting and just get the FRER ... but I'm also cheap and think why pay money when I'll find out soon enough, but then the insanity begins again smile

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