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CD1...again :(

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KilgraveMadeMeDoIt Sun 10-Apr-16 21:25:14

So month 5 of actively TTC, but month 9 of no contraception, and today is CD1 sad how do you ladies cope? I know we have not been ttc as long as some people so I apologise for whinging but I'm so fed up. DS was conceived within 2 weeks of ditching contraception so I was expecting to get pregnant quickly again confused

Today someone announced their pregnancy on my Facebook too which (and I know this is awful) made me feel even crapper. blushsad

Anyone else struggling for their second child after falling quickly with the first?

MrsKittenPie Sun 10-Apr-16 21:44:46

Hiya, yes I'm struggling too. Ds was conceived pretty quickly but am coming up to 2 years ttc for a second now and it's soul destroying. Totally get where you're coming from when announcements make you feel worse too, they make me angry, jealous and sad and frustrated as it's never me.
How do I cope? Not sure really - kept trying different tactics to keep me going - i.e this month I'll try acupuncture or something else. Nothing has worked so I'm just getting to the point of thinking it'll never happen.
But try not to worry - I know it feels like such a long time but you're still well within the normal time frames. Fingers crossed next month is the month for you

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