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Hope and positive thoughts needed

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Thenewts Sun 10-Apr-16 16:02:33

Hi all

I am new to mumsnet and not sure of all the abbreviations yet so please bear with me smile I wanted to hear from others who are TTC or maybe from those who recently have but after a few months and not "straight away". I came off the pill (cerazette) in January coincidentally along with 3 other friends (seems to be the year!) all 3 of them are now pregnant and although I know it's been quick for them and I am still in a completely normal time frame (only 3 months and for the first 2 months I didn't even have AF due to body readjusting) I am feeling really low. I am happy for my friends but it's very hard remaining positive when you want it to be you. I know all the stats, looking for more human reassurance if that makes sense. Thanks in advance!

ProseccoKiss Sun 10-Apr-16 17:10:10

Hi, I missed your thread and have posted a near same post to you just a minute ago! I am also TTC and came off of Cerazette at the end of Feb. Also new here and have no idea what any of the abbreviations mean!!

amarettogirl Sun 10-Apr-16 17:59:15

Hello! I'm also new smileI've also come off cerazette at the end of December and TTC. Like OP, it took a while for my cycles to start too. Think I understand it now, although I'm trying ovulation sticks this cycle to see if I really am back to normal yet, as I was on cerazette for 7 years and didn't have any periods during that time.
I have friends who have successfully conceived almost straight away too, but am reassured by others who it's taking more time for. It's crazy how we spend time worrying about getting pregnant and then when you want to, it's so much more complicated/difficult!

Apple111 Sun 10-Apr-16 18:06:28

Hi ladies , I came if same pill jan as well smile im in 2nd cycle TTC currently 9dpo. Fingers crossed we got our BFPs soon. I have other children and always concieved first time ! So this is but frustrating but I know it's normal after coming off the pill. Are you trying any specific ideas , sperm meet egg ect. I'm using cb opk ,; (clear blue ovulation predictor kit) worked really well both times for me and concieved first time when using them. We just dtd before, during pos ovulation and after. And trapped little egg ha.. Good luck and be nice to follow each other's progress.
Apple x

jimijack Sun 10-Apr-16 18:06:50

I would say don't worry too much, sounds normal.
You need to be trying for a year I think before GP`S begin investigations.
There are plenty of people on here with advice and reassurances.

From your title I expected some tragic infertility posting, not that you have been trying for 3/4 months. Upsetting and frustrating as it is, it's very early days yet.
Good luck x

ProseccoKiss Sun 10-Apr-16 18:20:10

Hi Apple, I want to try the clear blue ovulation kits - just so new to all this that I don't know when to use them or how they work?? Sorry to sound so thick!! This is my first month of actively trying properly!
I've read a little on the sperm meets egg but I'm finding it really confusing with all the abbreviations that I'm not too familiar with yet! Would be lovely to follow each other's progress on here and any advice would be greatly received! xx

Apple111 Sun 10-Apr-16 18:50:34

Hi, I know what u mean it took me ages to get my head round some of them and I still have to check, if ur unsure just ask loads of people do. Here are a few for u smile
Bfp big fat positive,
bfn, big fat negative,
Opk, ovulation pridicton kit
Fmu first morning urine
Smu, second morning urine,
DH dear husband
DP dear partner
Ds dear son
DD dear daughter,
CM cervical mucus
Ew egg white
Tmi, too much information
Bd or dtd ( baby making )

I just google the rest ha x

I wouldn't be without cb opk , if you dtd around smiley face you can't do much more to be honest. U basically test urine once a day and once u get smiley face it means u will ovulate shortly after. But the days leading to ovulation are ur most fertile as this is placing sperm right where it needs to be for when eggy arrives smile I normally just do before during and after and this has worked for me. This time in trying to pink sway as I have three boys so bit different for me as I need to stop as soon as I see smiley apparently as girly sperms live longer. It's just for fun really as long as we get a healthy baba I'd love another boy but this one is definately my last x

Good luck hon smile

Thenewts Sun 10-Apr-16 20:37:46

Hi all,

Thank you for all your replies and reassurances, it has helped. I know in my logical mind that it's only been 3 months so it's early days. I also only really consider this to be the first real month as I only had AF end of March. So I know I'm being an idiot....but I can't help it! It's nice to have some support from people going through the same thing. Let's keep each other posted and hope we all have BFPs to share with each other soon smile I use an app called Clue to track my cycle and it tells you when your fertile window is. Not sure if it's accurate as I had one withdrawal bleed a month after stopping cerazette end of jan, nothing in feb and then what I think was a 'real' period end of March. Just trying to be relaxed about it and not worry about ovulation kits etc for now but if it doesn't happen by 6 months, I think I will try, even if just for my sanity that I'm doing something to help things along xx

Apple111 Fri 15-Apr-16 18:12:48

Bfn for me :/ af due 2 days but sure I'm out !! Frustrating , on positive note my friend just got bfp this morning 1st try IVF after years trying x

Thenewts Sat 16-Apr-16 08:30:21

That's really good news for her and hope for us all. My AF is due next Friday if I am now back to normal cycles, so who knows! Don't "feel" pregnant but I don't know when you do really. Just going to wait and see, thinking of booking a holiday if we're not just to have something else to think about and focus on. Never know, if I'm more relaxed might happen when we're away! Hope at least a couple of us have their happy news to share this month though xxx

Apple111 Tue 10-May-16 22:43:09

Hi ladies , hope ur all well. Just thought I'd update I got BFP ! Yesterday 9dpo !! X

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