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Clear blue confusion - am I still pregnant?

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Wanttobeprenant Sun 10-Apr-16 12:45:58


APologies if I seem anxious but I had a chemical in January so am more worried this time!

I think I'm about 5w2d and a week ago I got 2-3 weeks on a clear blue stick. Today (one week later) it still says 2-3weeks.... I was really expecting 3+weeks! I had bad nausea initially which has decreased slightly but my breasts are still swollen and tender and I'm still very constipated!

Has anyone had any problems with clear blue tests or is this a bad sign?


missybct Sun 10-Apr-16 12:51:57

Clear Blue are notorious for freaking women out at this stage - I feel for you as I had the same thing (I'm 15w+4 now!) - some women in my birth month never got that elusive 3+ clear blue result.

Chemicals are heartbreaking, but try to put down the tests if possible. If you're getting lines that are strong or getting stronger, you're not bleeding or experiencing pain, chances are it's just CB playing silly buggers like it's done for so many - the internet is full of instances like yours! I remember getting a really good positive on a First Response and a "Not Pregnant" on a CB!

As for sickness - I felt horrific around the time I implanted for a week (so up until 4.5 weeks) and then MS disappeared again until 7 weeks, when it hit hard. MS won't really ramp up until 6-7 weeks, although I know every pregnancy is different.

Wanttobeprenant Sun 10-Apr-16 13:00:16

Thank you!! I really hope it is just a problem with clear urine was quite dilute so I'm hoping that might have affected it! I have serious anxiety about things this time. I might go to my go and ask if I can get an early scan for reassurance! Thanks for your supportive words though xxx

frikadela01 Sun 10-Apr-16 13:06:14

I think those clear blue tests should be banned. They cause so much anxiety. For what it's worth I did 2 around 3 weeks apart and they always said 2-3 weeks. I'm now 28 weeks and everything's looking good. Try not to worry.

missybct Sun 10-Apr-16 14:14:26

Oh if your urine was diluted that's a no brainer - CB are shit for diluted urine. The sensitivity is one of the weakest out there. Also, remember you're not 100% sure on dates - a few of us in my antenatal group have been put back as far as a week! Try to relax, although I worried at the 5 week mark and to be honest, still have anxiety (this is my first).

GP's won't routinely provide early reassurance scans ad-hoc, you only really receive one of those if you've got bleeding and pain, and even then due to how early you are sometimes you'll be told to come back a week later. At 5 or so weeks, even if you did have a scan, you wouldn't necessarily be able to see anything. I had an emergency scan at 6 weeks 3 days (bleeding/pain) and we were fortunate enough to see the heartbeat, but we were very lucky.

Also, chemical pregnancies are common in the sense that a lot of women don't even know they've had them. From what I've read but please don't quote me, the fact your little bean is registering as 2-3 weeks on a CB suggests bean has implanted and is growing, and unless you see blood or pain that would suggest a miscarriage, you should be fine and ignore the CB tests. From this point onwards I'd say you move from having a chemical pregnancy to, if anything DID go wrong, having a miscarriage, but the signs and symptoms of the miscarriage would be blood, pain and if ectopic, localised pain on one side. Unless you're experiencing those, please try to relax smile.

Lastly, join your antenatal "topic" on Mumsnet - I'm guessing you'll be due in December? Join the topic, there will be other Mum's in the same position as you - me and my October Mum's talked about everything smile

Obliviated Sun 10-Apr-16 14:20:59

You don't generally get a 3+ until after you're six weeks pregnant. I got slightly obsessed when I became pregnant after having a chemical two months earlier and did lots of googling! There's a big jump between the amount of hcg needed for a 2-3 and for a 3+, maybe you were just over the threshold when you got your first one, and with hcg doubling every couple of days, it won't be soon enough to get the 3+ yet.

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