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First month TTC & need some advice...

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DarkGreen Sat 09-Apr-16 19:38:36

My cycle lasts between 29-35 days. Reading up online, it has given me all this advice of how to tell if/when I am ovulating, take temperature, check cervix etc.

I feel a bit overwhelmed if I'm honest, especially on the first month of trying.

Can someone explain how the easiest way I can work out when I'm ovulating and at what point in my cycle I should try?

emsyj Sat 09-Apr-16 19:42:01

You could try the Clearblue Digital ovulation sticks? I bought internet cheap ones but they are hard to read (a 'positive' requires the test line to be darker than the control line - a lot of squinting is involved IME) and you have to pee on them several times a day - the Clearblue ones, so I'm told (by a friend who recommended them to me - I've bought a pack but not tried them yet) are really easy - pee once a day, a flashing smiley face tells you you're at your most fertile.

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