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Experiences of implantation bleeding??

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emsyj Sat 09-Apr-16 19:17:10

I had my Mirena coil out on 22nd Jan and DH and I have been casually (haha - is it ever 'casual'?) ttc DC3 since then. I haven't had periods with the coil and prior to having it fitted, I hadn't had a period since before I got pregnant with DD2, so in total I had been wonderfully period-free for about 4 years before the removal.

So anyway, the result is that I have no clue what my natural cycle is, or should be confused. I was on the pill from age 17 for bad acne right up til I stopped taking it to ttc DD1, and I only had one natural period before we conceived her. I'm dredging up distant memories and I think (I think) my cycle was roughly every 6 weeks or so. Since the coil came out, I had a short bleed immediately after that and then another 6 weeks later. I'm not sure how long it should take for things to become regular after coil removal so I don't really know when to expect my next period, or when I was fertile this month (if at all)!

DH and I had sex last Friday, and haven't done it since. Yesterday (so, Friday exactly a week later) I went to the loo at lunchtime and when I wiped there was a bit of pink blood. I assumed it was my period (and changed my Ovia settings to show a 5 week cycle) and carried on with my day. By tea time, there was a tiny bit of brown on my tampon, and nothing since. I've never had spotting between periods and never at all when pregnant, so this is very unusual for me. I'm not sure if it might be implantation, and if it is how long would it be before I would get a positive test? I don't want to test too early and it turn out to be a chemical.

Any experiences of implantation bleeding and ttc after Mirena (e.g. how long did it take your cycle to return to normal) much appreciated! flowers

Watto1 Sat 09-Apr-16 19:22:04

I had what I thought was the start of my period around the time it was due when ttc. It didn't progress into a proper period - it was more like a 'dirty discharge ' (apologies if TMI!) for a couple of days. I did a test a few days later and discovered ds was on his way!

FellOutOfBedTwice Sat 09-Apr-16 19:23:54

I didn't have an implantation bleed with DD who I conceived 5 months after the mirena came out.

I did have an implantation bleed with my current pregnancy, which happened first cycle of trying after the mini pill (and while breastfeeding). Positive the next day, around 10 days after all the sex.

emsyj Sat 09-Apr-16 19:33:06

Right, tomorrow is 9 days after sex so I think I will wait until next Wednesday at least to test (assuming period doesn't start in the meantime). If my cycle is 6 weeks like it used to be, I'm due next Friday. I think that would make tomorrow much too early, wouldn't it? I have a 2 pack FRER in the bathroom cabinet but they are eye-wateringly expensive so I don't want to waste one.

It's very confusing when you have no clue what your cycle is!! I bought some Clearblue digital ovulation sticks this month but I can't use them until I know more about my cycle length (assuming I'm not pregnant already of course!!! wink)

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