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TTC after MC - feeling down :(

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LottieB30 Fri 08-Apr-16 16:07:55

Hi all

I had a medically managed miscarriage on 10 Feb 2016 after finding out at our 12 week scan our baby had stopped developing at 8 weeks. Since the miscarriage bleed I have had two natural periods (currently dealing with one - sorry tmi). I thought I was feeling stronger about it all and we had decided to try again but now my OH does not seem to be very interested in DTD and says 'he does not feel like it' . Its making me feel really down and upset again as I REALLY want to be pregnant.

Everyone around me seems to be announcing pregnancies or are having successful pregnancies and I know I can not be cross or angry at them but it just makes me so upset seeing each announcement as it pops up.

To add to it I did think there was a slim chance I might have fallen pregnant during March and allowed myself to believe I was having early symptoms...... then AF came along.

So...after my babbling on just wondered if anyone else had been in a similar situation and how you managed to pick yourself up? How long did it take to fall pregnant after a MMC?

I think I am just after a bit of hope. Thanks in advance xx

Brenna24 Fri 08-Apr-16 16:31:15

Hi Lottie sorry you are in this situation. flowers I had a MMC at 11+3 which had stopped developing at 8 weeks (we found out about it at 10 weeks). It took a while to get back together but I am getting there now. I'm still trying again now, nearly 6 months later. My cycles seem all back to normal, I just haven't falled pregnant again. It is so hard to see everyone else walzing off with their babies after easy pregnancies (I told one friend off who is due just 2 weeks before I was for complaining about people commenting on her bump, reminding her she could have it al lot worse).

We have a thread for TTC after a MC if you want to join us there. Lots of people in the same boat, some fall again quickly, and for the rest of us there is dark humour in our shared indignities.

LottieB30 Fri 08-Apr-16 16:43:10

Thanks Brenna - I am new to these forums I have only ever looked at them in the past for info. I will try and find the other thread and have read through.

Thank you for your kind words - I have pregnancy all around me as my best friend and sister in law are both due around the same time I should have been due. My OH just keeps telling me to stop crying when I see the announcements on FB as they are popping up all the time.

if you don't mind me asking - have you been ttc again?

Brenna24 Fri 08-Apr-16 16:54:13

One of our friends and my SIL were also just a few weeks ahead of us. Both have just had their babies and I found it hard but we got through it. We hve been trying, it just doesn't seem to be happening this time. It only took us 2 months last time. This time seems to be taking forever. I am worried it is becuase I have put on weight and been quite stressed.

The other thread is here

jpeg28 Sat 09-Apr-16 13:46:32

So sorry Lottie for your loss. I had a MC 4 weeks ago, should have been 7 weeks. I've started TTC again... Have no idea what's happening with my cycle which is driving me mad. I only got a negative pg test yesterday so hoping I'll ovulate soon or AF will arrive. Really want to get pregnant straight away if possible.

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