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Trying not to get hopes up...implantation bleeding?

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LizKeen Fri 08-Apr-16 08:36:11

TTC since Oct. Periods have been all over the place and I think I wasn't ovulating for a while. This month I had really definite ewcm and little twinges. Was sure that I ovulated.

Yesterday I wiped and there was blood. Not much. Pink tinge, but I thought it was game over as there was enough to look like the start of my period. But its 5 days earlier than my normal cycle.

Usually my period starts really light but by the next morning the flow is up to medium before getting into heavy by day 3. This morning there is no blood at all. Nothing.

This never happens. I have never had spotting before a period. I didn't get implantation bleeding with my two pregnancies either.

Does this sound hopeful? How long until I can test do you think?

Loki17 Fri 08-Apr-16 09:40:26

You need to wait until your period is due before you test. It could be IB. However, try not to test too early - it will send you insane!

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