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TTC #1 with pcos

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Skrinson Thu 07-Apr-16 16:20:37

Hi ladies, I'm just after some help/advice/reassurance please. I came off the pill 9 months ago to ttc #1. I've been diagnosed with pcos and have just had my first gynae appointment with the specialist. I've got a bmi of 27 after weight gain after coming off the pill so he won't prescribe chlomid until I'm at 25. He's given me metformin and I've got to go for ovarian drilling and dye in June. He's also recommended low carb and low sugar diet from no on and has actually recommended Atkins. Anyone else tried it? I'm not hugely overweight, 5'7" and 12 stone currently so not an awful lot to lose, but on old threads on this subject I've read that metformin can assist weight loss...

Has anyone else on here been in this position recently or going through it now? Any good news stories greatly received or if anyone else is going through it, wanna hold my hand on the journey?

Nurse15 Thu 07-Apr-16 16:29:01

Pop on over to the ttc with pcos thread down the page and say hi, loads of advice on there smile

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