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SquishAndCuddlesFTW Wed 06-Apr-16 21:53:24

How many supplements are too many supplements? And what's everyone's experience with each ones?

Just another couple, desperate for those two lines and a sticky bean! Were currently on:

Herrr (me):
Seven Seas trying for a baby: One a day.
Pregnacare Conception His&Hers: One a day.
Cassanovum Plus: Two a day.
Agnus Castus: Two a day from C1 till OV.

Pregnacare Conception His&Hers: One a day.
Horny Goat Weed with Maca: Four a day.

Were also using fertility lube on days when OV tests are positive!

We had a miscarriage 1st of April this year. We had only found out the week prior we were BFP. Were willing to try anything and everything to finally get our sticky bean.

Would love to know everyone else's experiences!


physicskate Wed 06-Apr-16 22:10:37

This is a fantastic idea for a thread!

Folic Acid from Morrisons
Vit C with zinc
Omega 3
Vit D
Vit E

I've been taking the B vits to lengthen my LP which was 8 days last month and so far, 11 days this cycle... Got the individual tablets so that I can titrate the dosage if necessary, but might just take a B complex when these run out!

Vit D
Multi Vit
Vit C with zinc

TTC #1
cycle officially TTC: next cycle when stupid AF eventually shows up!!!

SquishAndCuddlesFTW Wed 06-Apr-16 22:15:24

That's given me some ideas of more thing's to take lol. Thanks aha.

I find the cassanovum really works, I've been taking it on/off for months, and when i take it around OV, i can really feel the stronger OV pains, than when i don't take it around OV.

Apart from that, i'm taking the rest of the supplements because i've read in heaps of places that it works. So it's more of a added hope really.

I find it's really difficult to find supplements for men. Well, there's heaps on google, but most of them seem really far-fetched and placebo like.

Mimilicious013 Thu 07-Apr-16 07:39:50

Waves ladies

I have started taking royal jelly in addition to baby aspirin,folic acid and would like to eat 🍍pineapples too after ov.

I'm on cycle 10 so would try out anything to make it happen.

Good luck to u allflowers

WLmum Thu 07-Apr-16 07:56:13

After 2 years ttc we followed a programme by
It was full on, loads of supplements taken at different times of the day to prevent some interfering with others etc but we did conceive in 6 months. Ttc soon after dd1 without the prog, got pg but mc. Back on the programme, conceived dd2 after 8 months. Ttc soon after without prog, mmc :-(. Then conceived dd3 by surprise without the programme.
I truly believe it sorted our fertility problems and rather saved my sanity as it gave me a feeling of doing something active to help.
Good luck ladies with whatever methods/supplements etc you choose - hope you all have full bellies and arms soon.

groundhogday79 Fri 08-Apr-16 21:03:05

Oh my gosh, I'm only taking the Seven Seas trying to conceive ones.....feel like I'm not putting in the effort now sad

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