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Experiences of first cycle after Chemical Pregnancy

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Vickibabydust16 Wed 06-Apr-16 15:34:11


I was wondering if anyone give me any insight into their first cycle after a chemical pregnancy..

I had the implant removed at the end of Dec, to fall pregnant in January, one week after getting my BFP in Mid Feb I suffered a CP at just short of 6 weeks.

The bleeding only lasted 3 days and I took a pregnancy test at this time and it had already changed to negative.

Two weeks after my CP I started taking ovulation tests, which I did for 2 weeks and didn’t get a positive result – however my schedule was crazy and so I wasn’t testing at a similar time each day so am aware I could have missed the surge. I also had EWCM during this period, which I took to be a sign I was going to ovulate soon. After 2 weeks of no positive tests I stopped testing and decided to leave it, as I assumed my body was still recovering and found it exhausting testing every day and getting a negative result!

If I count my first day of bleeding (which i'm not sure you are meant to) as cycle day 1, then I’m at day 41. I’m showing now sign of AF showing up any time soon, and I took a pregnancy test yesterday which was negative.

I’m just confused as to where my cycle is at, and feel so out of control! I’d really appreciate any opinions/experiences of this?


Writerwannabe83 Wed 06-Apr-16 15:54:57


I had a miscarriage last month which started two weeks after my initial BFP.

My bleeding lasted about three days and then I got a positive OPK 15 days after the bleeding stopped. I then got my period 17 days after my OPK which would mean it started on CD32 if the start of the miscarriage was classed as CD1.

I hope things return to normal for you soon and I'm sorry for your CP flowers

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