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Clearblue Digital Ovulation gave me BFP??!! Help

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Aliceblue22 Wed 06-Apr-16 07:19:06

Hi all,

Wondered if anyone has experienced anything similar. I have a standard Clear Blue Digital Ovulation predictor, not a duel hormone predictor, nor an advanced predictor.
I'm currently 10dpo (Never had a positive ovulation result) and have been cramping for a week or so, no spotting or anything.

I have some Clear Blue Advance Pregnancy tests (no advance monitor), thought I'd just see what happens.

POS, left it in my Digital Ovulation Predictor, and got a big Smily Face??

Can it detect hCG??

Please help, we're in month 14 now of TTC.

Thank you confused

BoBo90 Wed 06-Apr-16 07:27:25

Fx crossed for you but for now I wouldn't trust it purely because it's the smiley face system and not a clear line and I dont know how that would work with pregnancy testing! Can you take te test out of te monitor? Does it show lines!?

Straight to the shops with you to buys some frer test to be sure! 😄 Good luck!

Aliceblue22 Wed 06-Apr-16 07:39:13


Thanks, I have no idea how it even worked, I expected an error message!
When I took I out there was only one line, but negative ovulation sticks have had two lines before confused No idea!
Going to test properly in the morning!

cookielove Thu 07-Apr-16 06:43:34

Did you test?

BrassicaBabe Thu 07-Apr-16 06:53:02

I had smiley faces unexpectedly when using the ovulation test. Turns out I was BFO. Good luck

Aliceblue22 Thu 07-Apr-16 16:08:55


Yeah tested this morning BFN sad
Maybe next time


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