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Am I pregnant?

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Jenny366 Tue 05-Apr-16 23:50:25

I am not trying to get pregnant, however, I had unprotected sex several times with a my partner between the last 1-2 months. My period came about a month ago, but it was very light and unusual, it was almost like water and only lasted 2 days. I discussed this with my partner and we decided to get a pregnancy test, it came back negative. After this 'scare' I started to take the pill (Loestrin 20) and have had a lot of break through bleeding lasting over 2 weeks so far. Would this still happen if I was pregnant? I have also been experiencing painful breasts, passing wind a lot and waking up in the night with hip and leg pain. I have seen these can be symptoms of early pregnancy but I'm hoping that it could be something else. Any advice would be appreciated.


OddSocksHighHeels Wed 06-Apr-16 02:06:19

You might be pregnant or you might be getting side effects from the pill or it could be something else medical. Take another pregnancy test, if it's negative again then see your GP and describe the symptoms that you're having.

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