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Gentle pink sway anyone?

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Tee4me Tue 05-Apr-16 19:09:25

I know it's a controversial topic, and may seem insensitive to those struggling with general fertility, but here's my disclaimer; I will be absolutely delighted if/when I am lucky enough to get my BFP for DC#2. Should I be expecting a DS#2 I will be thrilled, genuinely. I will throw myself into a life of standing on the football sidelines. I only have to look at DS's little face to know that another mini version of him would be completely awesome. My heart does also melt, however, at the thought of a little DD. My DH has made it clear we are stopping at 2, so I started thinking about a gentle sway to pink.
I've been a bit strategic about when we DTD (although the various theories are totally conflicting) and also adjusted my diet slightly to favour pink... anyone else had this on their mind? xx

FellOutOfBedTwice Tue 05-Apr-16 19:19:08

No experience of this but do vaguely remember reading somewhere once that female sperm prefer either an acidy or alkaliney environment (can't remember which but Google will know) and making yourself more whichever one it was via diet could help.

BoBo90 Tue 05-Apr-16 20:08:40

I totally understand that you want one of each (so do I) and that you will be happy either way. However no matter what methods you try there is no medical evidence to prove any of them work. Just relax and hope for the best smile what will be will be!
and you never know if you end up with another ds after a few years your dh might change his mind! Every father needs a dd to be his daddy's girl smile

Good luck to you x

Apple111 Thu 07-Apr-16 23:36:22

Hi hon , i have three boys and we have def done pink sway this cycle. I have been focussing on high magnesium and calcium diets and we dtd several times leading up to od then stopped couple of days b4. Bfn last month but I'm 6dpo now so time will tell. I'd be delighted to get a boy I love my other three to bits my youngest is two and I have two teenagers .. We have mc b4 so just want long healthy baby and there is so much conflicting stuff on line. So just for fun really x good luck x

Tee4me Fri 08-Apr-16 00:00:45

Hi Apple! I recognise you from another thread, really hope your little fella is on the road to recovery!
I've been taking calcium, magnesium, and folic acid supplements. Been on aspirin since an early mc in March (which I subsequently heard is also pink friendly). Trying to avoid salty and potassium rich foods, but nothing too drastic. This is my 5th cycle, so my cut off has got progressively closer to ovulation day. Pretty much DTD until I get a positive opk, then that's it for the month. Going to do the same cut off this month, but try again 1dpo (as per O+12 theory - once cm turns back to creamy). Who knows if there's anything in it, but can't hurt. No.1 priority is a healthy bubba, and my DS would be delighted with a little brother. I have my boy name picked out and everything. If it's a boy could be my bargaining tool for getting DC#3 (although DH is adamant 2 is enough)!
6dpo! Will you wait for AF or test early? If I remember rightly you were on hols during your fertile window?? FX the change of scenery helped with the baby making!! xx

Apple111 Fri 08-Apr-16 08:37:38

Hi Tee, lol sorry didn't realise it was you smile little boy came out of hospital 2nights ago. He isn't 100% but much better than he was. He has to have tonsils out in 4weeks. Such a horrible time sad but thankfully he is now legging it round being bossy ! It's his birthday tomorrow so had to do a last minute Amazon shop yesterday !
Yes we were on holiday I'm just not sure if we cut off too early. Stopped about 12 hours b4 solid smiley on cb. I was testing twice a day. Then little one got poorly so didn't think about it until yesterday really. I think I'm about 6/7 dpo. I have noticed that my stomach is a bit uncomfortable but I'm not taking any notice of it as last month I definately had loads of symptoms. Cramps, sickness, exhausted dizzy all like last bfp but got a bfn. I was totally shocked and I'd still wonder if I had a chemical ?? So really not bothering this month as it's such a let down if u build yourself up. I'm going to wait to 17th and test then.
Fx for us all ! When r u testing ?
Apple ️xx

Tee4me Fri 08-Apr-16 10:18:07

Ah glad he's on the mend! I had my tonsils out in November, it was horrendous as an adult, but I hear really straight forward for a tot, with a speedy recovery. Definitely better to do it in childhood if they're going to come out.
That's sounds like an optimal cut off to me! I feel like DTD when you get a positive is getting into boy territory, so 12 hours before is perfect I reckon, it's just so hard to time/plan in advance... I'm expecting to ovulate Monday or Tuesday, so hoping on a positive opk Sunday evening and DTD for last time Sunday morning. Will DTD again if negative Sunday evening and Monday morning and just hope that we have got busy shortly before the positive pops up! Usually we end up DTD when positive tho as morning sessions are pretty rare, and I'd rather ignore the cut off then miss an opportunity to get preggo.
I had loads of symptoms last month and was convinced, really shocked at the BFN! So I'll be ignoring any signs this month too. I hate seeing BFNs and generally wait til I'm a day late. Tested a day early last month because of all the signs, so will go back to holding out until later. Due on 26th so will test on 27th.
Good luck!!! xxx

GerberaDaisy Fri 08-Apr-16 10:50:20

Hi Tee,

We're trying to conceive DC#2 and my husband would "prefer" just the two. I'm the same as you; would happily have another son but one of each is always nice. We're cycle#2. Even though there are conflicting advice re: timing of DTD I think there is something in the female sperm being larger and therefore slower, so I place some faith in Shettles Method personally. Fingers crossed all round!

Tee4me Fri 08-Apr-16 22:29:02

Yes that theory does seem to make sense for that reason. From what I've read tho, the O+12 has had the most success. It didn't make sense to me at first, because I just thought surely the faster smaller swimmers will get to the egg first, but apparently the environment 'down there' turns hostile 12+ hours after the egg is released, therefore favouring the pinks. It's a tricky one tho, because the egg only survives up to 24 hours, so you'd only have a 12 hour window! I'll be doing a 1.5 day cut off (if I can) then try again the morning/day after ovulation too. I guess both theories agree you should avoid DTD in the immediate hours before and after ov, so that's really the main point! What will be will be, at best all these steps probably only sway your chances by about 1%, but it's all interesting and good fun... I'm so broody I just want another bubba to squeeze x

GerberaDaisy Sat 09-Apr-16 12:13:52

I know! It's trying to weigh up how much you would like a pink versus how much you want to be pregnant and have a beautiful baby whatever gender! And it's only cycle#2 at the moment but I can see I'll chuck all methods out of the window and just DTD every two days for the whole month ha ha! Xx

Apple111 Wed 11-May-16 19:50:06

Hi ladies , thought I'd update. We tried shettles for 3 months with no success blush so this cycle we did it slightly different .. Withheld dtd for over a week and the did once 3 days b4 ov. Used Opk and bbt .. Then thought what the hell and we dtd once 0+ 12 ... Got our BFP 9dpo !!!.. Tested every day since with first response and CB didgi and BFPs straight away ! smile
Fx its a sticky bean ️xxx I feel completely rotten ha but don't mind one bit .. If all goes well we Will have to see if we get a pink bundle haha x

Tee4me Wed 11-May-16 20:31:25

Fabulous news Apple!!! I'm so pleased for you. Please please update this thread when you've had you're 20week scan!
We've been DTD most days in FW until a couple of days before OD. Then no more DTD until next cycle. This month we've tried something slightly different... Lots of warming up straight after AF. Then we DTD CD9, CD12, ovulated (I think) on CD14, then DTD early CD15 (wanted to try O+12) but my temps let me down so I wasn't completely convinced I had ovulated.
We're you trying any other sway methods? Diet/Supplements?

Congratulations again!! smileflowersflowersflowers

Apple111 Thu 12-May-16 06:19:43

I was eating loads of dairy, and green veg, taking magnesium and calcium sups and a cranberry supp. Couple of months b4 I was eating a lot of fries cranberries x

Apple111 Thu 12-May-16 06:28:44

Dried cranberries :/ .. I'd had enough of them this cycle and couldn't face any more so was a bit more relaxed about it this month. I used to have a bowl of porridge in a mornibg full of everything it tells you to eat ha I made sure on a morning I drank a decent glass of full fat milk and took the suplimemts. Last month I bought a ph feminine wash lol as is read it reduces ph but didn't do that this month.. Good luck ladies just hope this is a sticky bean ️xx fx

Tee4me Thu 12-May-16 06:40:14

Sounds like you gave the sway your best, so whatever the result you know you did what you could and either way you'll have a beautiful bubba at the end of it!!
FX for a sticky bean, but all sounding great... strong/quick positives are a good sign and that you're feeling rotten, sounds like the pregnancy is progressing nicely!
Can I ask how you managed to pin point O+12. I really want to try that next cycle if not successful this month (think this cycle was more like O+24!). What signs did you go by?
Hope you're not suffering too much today! x

Apple111 Thu 12-May-16 11:37:53

I did opks and measured temp twice a day.. Temp usually rises up slightly in afternoon but I managed to see my average afternoon temp and this went up slightly as well. I also do get quite clear stabbing pains on my side when ovulating so pin pointed it from this. It was more like o+ 16 , I read you can do it from O + 8 to 20 but every site is different x I'd be just as happy with a blue bundle any away I love my boys to bits x

Tee4me Thu 12-May-16 19:06:33

Good tip about afternoon temping, I may try that next cycle (always makes me feel better when I have a new strategy to try distracting me from the agonising wait!). Lucky you get ov pains too, I can't seem to identify mine!
Blue bundle will of corse still be awesome and I'm sure your boys will be delighted with a brother. Assume you will find out at 20 week scan? x

Apple111 Fri 13-May-16 22:19:23

I'm tempted , oh not bothered about finding out x ?? We will c lol x

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