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First Hospital Appointment, what to expect?

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Sakura03 Tue 05-Apr-16 17:32:46

Hi, I've had a break from mumsnet as it just gets a bit too much at times this ttc malarkey... We've been ttc since 2014 (I'm 37), and I had an early mc in May 2015 and then nothing since. My doctor has referred me for further tests at the local hospital and I've got an appointment next Tuesday. I understand that it will just be an initial consultation but would it be useful to write up some notes to bring along or would that just be weird? I just want to make sure that they get as much info as possible. Anyone had any experience? I won't qualify for IVF on the NHS as my partner has an 18 year old son but I should be entitled to all the tests. Would appreciate some advice or comments from people who've been there and had tests done/ treatment of blocked tubes etc.

Nottalotta Tue 05-Apr-16 21:19:26

My first appointment included the lovely 'dildo cam' scan which I wasn't expecting. Other than that it was really just an initial consultation. I was given info about various tests that I would have done and dh was to have another sperm analysis.

I was also 37 and had been Ttc for two years.

I got my bfp 3 days later!

Sakura03 Tue 05-Apr-16 22:20:29

Thanks for replying Nottalotta okay so perhaps a scan, that's good to know and how fab you got your bfp so soon after. I do find it hard to stay positive especially when AF shows her face...

Nottalotta Wed 06-Apr-16 10:07:21

It's hard. I started Ttc at the same time my friends dp had a vasectomy reversal. By the time I got my bfp they had a 13month old daughter.

I did take notes, just so I didn't forget anything. It was mostly information gathering. Good luck! I am Ttc #2 now and hoping it's quicker this time.

Snowberry86 Wed 06-Apr-16 10:13:47

What tests have you already had before your referral?

Before I saw the consultant at fertility clinic my GP organised an ultrasound to check for PCOS, blood tests at various points of my cycle, smear test and STI tests.

If you haven't had any of this already I assume that might be your first stage.

I then had follicle tracking where they scan you throughout a cycle to watch ovulation and track the egg. I didn't ovulate during this cycle and so I was given a HSG test where they check to see if your tubes are blocked. Mine weren't and so I wasn't given any reason for my infertility.

I had become pregnant during July 15 and then Nov 15 but miscarried both. We were told at the last appointment (January 16) they would not see us for another 6 months because we had got pregnant twice so they couldn't improve the odds of that with any treatment. You need 3 miscarriages for that to be investigated.

We are now 11 weeks pregnant and praying for a sticky bean this time.

Sakura03 Thu 07-Apr-16 08:24:42

snowberry so sorry for your losses! Great to hear you are expecting again fx this one will stick flowers. I've had blood tests done, one came back very low so was repeated and then it was fine and I've has STI tests as well, all fine. I used to have 28 days cycles (4 days periods) but this has changed to 23-25 days and period only last two days, sometimes two days, stops for a day and then returns to last a day. I used to feel ovulation prior to my mc in May 2015, so I wonder if my tubes now could be blocked? That's the kind of test I'd like to have done as well as having my egg reserve checked.

Snowberry86 Thu 07-Apr-16 17:22:55

I can't say the Hsg test was pleasant- in fact it was pretty horrendous, but it's over fairly quickly and will be worth it in the end.

I'm not sure if that helped clear my tubes a little but we got pregnant the cycle after the test.

The month I fell pregnant we actually didn't use ovulation tests or plan at all. In fact we only had sex on 2 of the Saturdays during the month rather than the every day/every other day that we have done in other cycles!

Just seems to work that way sometimes. Fingers cross you get there in the end, I'm sure you will.

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