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Reoccurring miscarriage test help please

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Penguinepenguins Fri 01-Apr-16 00:58:55

Hi everyone,

Looking for some guidance please smile

DP and I have been trying to have a baby since October, I have so far had no issues in getting pregnant - they just don't seem to want to stay which is so very heartbreaking.

My last MC happened at the weekend so it's all still very raw, I saw my GP and I'm being referred to a gynaecologist - but have heard this may take months and at 38 I really don't have time to be waiting around! I do have two wonderful tiny humans in my life (officially my step-children. DP is RP) but I want to have the pleasure of bringing one into the world.

DP and I have decided to go private for tests so we get answers more
quickly -so I am just looking for some advise from people who have done this before!

Apparently they will check both of us out, DP bit is relatively easy (deposit load in cup! Men get all the fun! Although DP is not convinced it's that fun) but I wonder what will they actually do to me? The MC I had before Christmas was very traumatic as it was so painful and I had to endure an internal scan the dildo scanner was HUGE and the woman was very rough it left me feeling quite bruised then had a doctor check my cervix and it took her four attempts to get the machine in deep enough - all in all rather awful so am a bit nervous as to what to expect when we go hopefully next week! I know they will explain before but I'm a planner/obsessed with working out all the scenarios smile

It really is so upsetting, to go through this I feel so inadequate this evening because I can't even look after my babies it just seems so unfair I am just so very very sad and need to do something to feel proactive with it!

Thanks in advance

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