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Very low AMH?

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Snowdog37 Fri 01-Apr-16 00:37:47

My AMH blood test result came back today at 0.22 which is apparently very low. All my other results are actually ok. Has anyone else had a low AMH like this and gone on to conceive naturally? My specialist said it isn't "insurmountable" but it will be more challenging. He's put me on super high vitamin D and Co Q10 supplements and will retest in a month before deciding what to do. We were meant to meet next week to start Clomid this cycle but he said he'd like to give the few eggs (my antral follicle count this cycle was a pathetic 5) I do have a chance to have a boost of good stuff first. I'm pretty gutted, I didn't expect such a low number 😕

Chintaria Fri 01-Apr-16 09:38:18

Hi snowdogs. Sorry to hear about your low result, I know exactly what you're going through. My AMH level was 0.2 and I was devastated. I trawled through the Internet desperately trying to find cases where they'd managed to get pg. We did end up having a baby, but through IVF, however after she was born (we weren't taking precautions as I believed I wasn't able to get pg) I fell pregnant naturally. We were so shocked! I sadly ended up losing the baby at 8 weeks but I wanted to tell you it can happen, and not to lose hope. Have you spoken to your doctor about DHEA? I took it in a very low dose for a little while, will never know if it helped though. I also took Q10, high doses of folic acid & fresh royal jelly capsules... Good luck & feel free to pm me if you want to chat further smile

Snowdog37 Fri 01-Apr-16 11:28:06

Thanks so much for responding chintaria
I'm really gutted. I live in the USA now and our health insurance doesn't cover Ivf 😭 So our specialist is going to see what happens over the next couple of months if I take high doses of supplements, if on ultrasound I produce more antral follicles then he is suggesting medically stimulated IUI as our insurance will cover 3 cycles of that at least. He said he's seen some success with this, as there are meds like Clomid and perganol that stimulate the ovaries to ripen more eggs by being over stimulated. We are going to try that. Then I guess we take it from there if that doesn't work. It's a real gut punch. Diminished Ovarian Reserve at not even 40 😫😭 it's such a shock!
My dr isn't a fan of dhea as he said it can do more harm than good if a woman has an otherwise "normal" cycle and fsh count, which ironically I do. I'll look into the Royal jelly though, he didn't mention that one but I've heard it's a very good supplement to take anyway. He wants me to take 1200mg q10 and 6000mcg vitamin d to really boost my ovaries and see what happens. I'll keep in touch with you 😊 Thanks again.

greenlizard Fri 01-Apr-16 12:26:22

Sorry to hear your bad news. I remember the shock well when I tested at 1.3 and told that conceiving naturally was unlikely and our best bet was IVF. As it turned out I conceived naturally twice in six months after that but sadly lost both to miscarriages. I was 43 snd all my other counts looked good.

I went to see a specialist in recurrent miscarriages at St. Mary's in London who advised me that it was likely that the issue was with my egg quality (due to age) and that IVF was unlikely to help if using my own eggs but at least with IVF they can monitor the progress of embryo development before transferring. She did suggest that it wasn't impossible that I would be able conceive a healthy child but I would need to expect a few more losses on the way.

Given my age and egg quality, my partner and I decided that using an egg donor was the most likely way we were going to have a baby - so we did. We now have an amazing son who has just turned one and I am 10 weeks pregnant with number 2. I wouldn't change him for the world even though I know it wouldn't be right path for everyone.

It's great your Dr is onboard with trying to improve your egg quality to maximise your chance of success first - I hope it works out for you. Yet even if it doesn't - there are other options to become a mum.

Good luck flowers

littlepooch Fri 01-Apr-16 23:25:34


Sorry to read about your AMH. It must have been a huge shock. I found out my AMH was very very low in August 2014. We'd been ttc for a year. Wesaw two consultants who both told us we'd be unlikely to conceive naturally given how low it was. My second consultant was lovely and She put me on a high dose of coq10 and we decided we would begin IVF in January 2015 so as to give the coq10 time to build up.

We were already to start IVF (I was waiting for AF so we could begin) when I discovered I was pregnant naturally. We couldn't believe it. I actually had a MC at 6 weeks but then fell pregnant naturally the cycle straight after and my DD was born in November last year. So it can happen. I do believe that the coq10 helped but obviously i can't know for sure. I remember the shock and how devastated I felt when I found out how low my AMH was. So I feel for you I really do thanks

littlepooch Fri 01-Apr-16 23:30:38

Forgot to say...mine was so low that we were told I would likely need to consider an egg donor. Which I would have without hesitation. I was only in my early 30s and I'd love to know if there's a reason why but I guess I'll never know. But if I can fall pregnant then there is hope.

There are some really useful threads and posts on the uk fertility friends forum from ladies with low AMH, I lurked on there a lot! They might help.

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