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Am I out for this month??

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emsyj Thu 31-Mar-16 11:20:31

Well, after deciding that I definitely would be very relaxed about 'ttc' this time around, and telling myself that we weren't really trying, just 'not trying not to', I wouldn't be testing all the time etc etc - I am now a woman on the edge, doing 2 tests a day.

So, I worked out that my fertile window fell across the weekend of 18th-20th March (roughly). We DTD on the Friday and Sunday (18th and 20th). I did a test this morning with some very (ahem) strong FMU using a cheap internet 10 microthingummy sensitivity test, and got a stonking fat negative. So - am I out for this month, or is it worth carrying on testing and hoping?? OK, I will probably test anyway wink but should I accept that I would have got a positive by now (11 days after sex with a sensitive test) and give up hope?


ScottishLady7 Thu 31-Mar-16 12:52:57

You're not out until AF makes an appearance!

emsyj Thu 31-Mar-16 14:46:40

Sadly I think I really am out this month. I've just gone out and forked out £7.99 for a First Response early result test and it was firmly negative, so I guess I just need to wait for next month! Thanks for replying though smile

broodypsycho Thu 31-Mar-16 16:09:39

grinthis made me giggle. I don't know how anyone early tests every month unless they've got planned a heavy drinking night. I've done it twice in the 10 month ive been ttc and it gets me down and makes the whole ttc more emotional and disappointing. Good luck for next month

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