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Back to SQUARE ONE CD1! Anyone want to spend April with me?!

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Tee4me Wed 30-Mar-16 16:59:21

So AF got me this afternoon!! Trying not to get down in the dumps (although I just watched 'one born every minute' on catch-up and sobbed!)
Dusting myself off and hoping for better luck in April! A few stats:
TTC-5th cycle
DC-1 DS (3.5 years old)
Anyone else at the start of their cycle and trying something new in the hope of a more successful month?!

Parney Wed 30-Mar-16 17:34:28

Hi T, I'm on CD 3! Would love to keep you company during April, I feel like this will be my first month of being able to 'properly try'! Due to working commitments and different events these last few weeks.
Age: 26
TTC #1
CD 3 of Cycle 3 since coming off the pill at the end of January!
I'm hoping to try SMEP this month, failing that just DTD as much as possible! blush avoiding alcohol and cleaner eating! Any tips welcome!!

Tee4me Wed 30-Mar-16 18:09:04

Ah hello Parney! Thank you for joining me 😘
Funny you mention the SMEP, as I've just been looking that up! Also going to make an effort with clean eating too. I've been taking folic acid since December and also started baby aspirin last month after an early mc. Thinking about Royal Jelly now as someone mentioned it on another post, supposed to be full of nutrients!

Parney Wed 30-Mar-16 18:47:16

I'm sorry to hear about your MC. Hopefully more luck is headed your way and your DS will be a big brother soon. SMEP seems eh... Interesting 😂 I've been taking folic acid since January. Must Google the other things you've mentioned. I read in another thread where someone had grapefruit juice daily last month and got her BFP!! Long shopping list this week!

Loki17 Wed 30-Mar-16 18:55:39

AF got me today too. I had a positive test Friday but then BFN Sunday so I think I had a chemical. I'm ttc number 2 after a mmc in January. Still messed up after the mc. I was 13 weeks when I finally mc'd so it all feels a little unfair. Going to try and eat super healthy to boost fertility and give smep another go.

Tee4me Wed 30-Mar-16 19:40:46

Yes I read that, and brazil nuts! They are going on the growing list for Friday's click & collect order!!
Oh Loki I feel for you. That is unfair, so by my reckoning you are due some good luck. Let's hope this is a lucky thread for us all.
Everyone around me is trying to book me in for takeaway dates, I feel like such a party pooper but I reeeeeally want to eat better this month. Luckily I'm not really a drinker, so don't miss that, but this TTC lark is a nightmare for social life. I hate always making excuses!

Parney Wed 30-Mar-16 21:35:14

Haha it's not exactly ideal when trying to forward plan is it?! We have lots of weddings and things in the summer months and I'd love to be PG and not making up excuses as to why I'm not eating loads/drinking as we TTC. Also looking at holidays at the minute and feel a bit uneasy doing so. Half of me thinks we should leave it this year in case we get lucky and conceive by summer but then part of me is wondering what if we don't? Seems like a first world problem! Have either of you told others you're TTC?
Sorry to hear about your MC too Loki, really unfair 😔.
Yes I have Brazil nuts added now too!!!

RememberToSmile1980 Wed 30-Mar-16 21:44:22

Hi ladies
Is it ok for me to join too?
I have been wanting to conceive from the beginning of the year but with one thing or the other I've not really put 100% effort into it. Anyhow - I've decided I need to be more pro-active and get on with it!
Jan - missed the fertile days I think!
Feb - thought I had caught the fertile days - obviously not!
March - work related stress!

I have been tracking my cycle and although I get AF every month my cycle has been anywhere between 26-31 days - which is annoying. I feel I need to use the ovulation sticks and DTD more often instead of being a lazy and tired so and so.
Age - 35 (therefore freaking out in my head!)
DS - 3 1/2 (I feel as though the age gap is getting longer and longer!)
CD - 2 (AF got me yesterday)
I caught on straight away with DS!
Sorry to hear about your MC's ladies - fingers and toes crossed for everyone on this thread!

AskPrayHope Wed 30-Mar-16 21:46:37

Hi everyone! Hope I can join?

I'm CD 5, & don't think I'll be getting a BFP anytime soon as I'm a post depo user sad & God only knows what it's done to me.
But I like joining these threads because I can always hope; plus it's good to hear other positive stories grin

I'm 25
TTC #1
Cycle # 6
AF due 27th April

The best of luck to all smile

Tee4me Wed 30-Mar-16 21:59:30

Parney I have a Wedding in the last week of May, when we started TTC I was sure I'd have a 12wk scan by then. Back to the book of excuses! My close friends, mum and sisters know we're TTC.
Hey Remember! I feel the same, my DS is 3.5 and I'm stressing about the age gap now.
Welcome Ask! I'm not sure what post depo is?? There is always hope, stay positive smile xx

everdene Wed 30-Mar-16 21:59:33

Eek I'm ready to join in too!

Age: 32
Cycle: 1
DC: 0

Finally ready to start trying next month! Am taking Pregnacare, reading What to Expect, eating healthily and have cut down on booze. Due to next ovulate around April 26!!

One of my friends told me today she's expecting DC2 this year so I might be able to keep her company if I can get pg!

Could someone please do a glossary, I'm a bit new to all this conceiving lark!

RememberToSmile1980 Wed 30-Mar-16 22:03:36

Glossary - I don't know all of the terms either but here goes!
DTD - doing the deed!
TTC - trying to conceive
DS/DD - darling son/daughter
CD - I'm pretty sure this is cycle day
AF - Aunty Flo

physicskate Wed 30-Mar-16 22:11:10

Well, we 'officially' start trying on the April 1st and I am CD 27 atm. No chance it happened this month, I mean, heck, I had a 39 degree fever two days ago! So expecting AF by Sunday-ish... Can I join?

Age: 31
Cycle: 1
DC: 0

I've been taking Folic Acid for months and months. Also take Vits, D, C and zinc. I've been BBT for the past two cycles (for something to do while my dh psychs himself up for this). Looks like I've not ovulated this cycle - which might make it a wee bit longer (though it was a bit crazy with the high fever and I was away a couple days and before that work was completely hellish).

Just ordered B6 and B12 along with Vit E. My previous cycle indicated an 8 day LP!

My poor hubby - I mean I feel like a crazy woman and we haven't even been trying (just not not trying, ya know?). Hoping we won't be at this lark for very long!

Parney Wed 30-Mar-16 22:20:27

Tee I had my maternity leave and all calculated last month 🙈 didn't factor in scans though, so now I'm off to figure that out should we conceive this month! Imagine we'd have similar due dates if we all got lucky. Although I kind of had myself geared up for a 2016 baba! Not sure what post depo is either? Interested! Welcome everyone!

broodypsycho Wed 30-Mar-16 22:56:30

Age 27
Cycle 10
Ttc #1
CD 25
Af due in 6 days
I'm down in the dumps too, I had a hycosy this month so my hopes are up but no doubt that witch af will show. I haven't cried yet but this month I will. I can feel it.

Parney Wed 30-Mar-16 23:04:49

Hopefully you will have no need for tears, you're still in with a chance! AF better not step in and ruin the first potential BFP of the thread! Chin up BroodyPsycho! Love the name 😂

AskPrayHope Wed 30-Mar-16 23:05:10

Tee & Parney, the depo provera is a contraception injection. You get it every 12 weeks, 99.9% effective, & stops periods... Sounds to good to be true? Yep sad

Unfortunately what they don't tell you is when you want to TTC it may take 2 years for fertility to come back...

Wouldn't recommend it & would never do it again.

Parney Wed 30-Mar-16 23:18:26

Ah that makes sense now Ask. I wasn't sure! When did you have your last injection? I have a friend who had used this method for a while and afterwards was advised to go on the pill for a bit to regulate her cycles. She wasn't TTC though! The pill can also mess with cycles when you come off too. I was nervous when I came off at the end of January, AF came back properly though at the end of feb unexpectedly after sleeping on an electric blanket all night 😂 not sure if this was connected. The witch came back to visit me Monday too so hopefully I'm back to pre pill cycles. Are you still waiting on AF? Positive vibes your way Ask.

Parney Wed 30-Mar-16 23:22:46

Sorry Ask, I'm just reading back and see your stats. See that you're not waiting for AF and what cycle you're on.

AskPrayHope Wed 30-Mar-16 23:26:00

Thanks Parney smile

My last injection was January last year. Periods started again in September but no luck unfortunately - they are regular though. But I think my hormones may be out of sync.

Lol to sleeping on an electric blanket - but if it works wink

Parney Wed 30-Mar-16 23:34:59

I think I credit the blanket as I'd been geared up for an almighty wait for AF to show in the first place after doing lots of reading on MN! blush cringe all the same!! Have you been using OPKs? I dus a ran

Parney Wed 30-Mar-16 23:40:43

Sorry posted early, with some random words?!

Meant to say that I did a few random OPKs last month but will be more diligent this time.

Songsandstitches Thu 31-Mar-16 00:26:22

Please can I join?

Age -33
TTC - #2
DD -2
Cycle - 3
CD- 11

I really thought it might have worked last month but the witch got me a few days late and I have just finished the longest AF ever - 9 days (normally 5). Going to try £ cheapy OPKS this month. If the new approach doesn't work- it's diet time for me. I think everyone I know is pregnant at the moment and u am trying desperately to be a nice person and not a green eyed monster!!! Xx

RememberToSmile1980 Thu 31-Mar-16 08:31:01

Morning ladies
I think I'm going to get myself some OPK's this month and use them regularly to try and figure out when I am actually ovulating. I've noticed some of you are using aspirin. Is this only because of the MC's ladies? Xx

AskPrayHope Thu 31-Mar-16 08:45:39

Hey Parney, no I'm not doing OPKs this month. I have done them previously but thought maybe I should try to relax a little blush I'm already finding it hard.

Hey songs smile I've started the gym again & a log book for my food - the diets already begun here lol. I read last night that the more fat cells you have the longer it can take for depo shot to leave your body as it clings to fat shock so I'm on it now!

Sorry remember, I'm not sure about aspirin, but am also interested to know why it's use?

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