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Grapefruit juice & Brazil nuts - just got a BFP

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f1ddlesticks Wed 30-Mar-16 15:08:56

Of course it's probably a complete coincidence, and I'm not at all suggesting its a cure for infertility but thought I'd post my experiences.

So, been TTC for 6 months, regular cycles but very litte EWCM, in fact none to speak of. Had been having pretty regular sex, usually within 24-36 hrs if Ov. Tried EPO but it just delayed Ov so put me off using again.

This month having read about drinking Grapefruit juice for CM I did every day, from CD1. Was annoyed because Ov happened on Cd14 and was expecting it on Cd13, had only DTD on CD12. Had more CM than usual, though not loads. Then I got ill and was convinced I couldn't be preg cos of that, but ate 3 Brazil nuts every day because I'd read that the selenium helps implantation.

Got my BFP yesterday! Was totally shocked - bit worried because I was so convinced I wouldn't be preg I've been taking night cough medicine almost every night, oops...

Sometimes it's nice to hear what might have contributed to someone else's BFP in case it's something you haven't tried...

MrsJoJo Thu 31-Mar-16 07:21:01

Would love to offer answers but I have no idea! Got my bfp on Good Friday and, even though we've been trying for 5-6 months our first reaction was 'how?'! I was convinced there was no way we'd get a bfp this cycle.

We hardly dtd this month as DP has been working away. I have been drinking grapefruit juice though (because I actually like it, not to boost my chances lol).


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