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my body is doing my head in!

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samk15 Wed 30-Mar-16 12:56:44

AF is due tomorrow but for the past week I have felt sooo nauseous, had lots of cramping in my pelvic/cervix area and I feel so dizzy. Tested BFN so I guess that's that but I will not believe it until AF arrives and I can accept that I'm not pregnant this month. Im not trying to kid myself, I promise. It's consuming my every thought and its torture. How does everyone cope with this agonising wait? I don't have any other children to occupy me either. Apart from cats..... I have cats lol!!

TessWess Wed 30-Mar-16 13:20:43

I'm afraid I don't have any pearls of wisdom to offer, only that I'm in the same boat and feel exactly the same as you. AF due beginning of this week or today at a stretch. Had such promising signs half way through my 2ww, but then have had cramps (AF feeling ones) since Sunday, temp dropping each morning since, and a BFN on an IC test on Monday. For those pretty conclusive reasons I've been saying I'm out, but until you see AF you just try and justify or reason against every negative sign. I'm totally convinced the witch will show today, but then I said that yesterday too. It would feel like a miracle if she didn't show. The last days of the 2ww are killer! I just can't concentrate on anything.
What test did you try?
Do you plan to wait it out for AF now or do you have more tests?

samk15 Wed 30-Mar-16 15:51:26

Hi Tess,

Thank you for replying. It can feel like a bit of a lonely place can't it.

I know I just won't accept it until I see AF. It would almost be a relief because it would put me out of my misery and at least I can concentrate on next time. I'm really new to charting stuff for ovulation apart from the odd cheap test so I guess I will start with that next time. As for the preggers test I will wait until tomorrow now as AF is regular as clockwork normally. Maybe will try again on Friday/sat if no sign. I've used a first response 5 days before AF and just cheap eBay ones since.

How long have you been ttc?

Fingers crossed for us both.

samk15 Wed 30-Mar-16 15:52:16

Forgive my stupidness but what's an IC test? I need to brush up on all this lingo!

TessWess Wed 30-Mar-16 16:40:20

Well as suspected, AF came to get me, boooooo! But as you say, I'm out of my misery now and can start afresh with this new month!
This will be my 5th cycle TTC. How about you?
IC means Internet cheapy, funny all this lingo but you quickly get the hang of it and I find myself wanting to use some of the terms in conversation!!
Wishing you lots of baby dust and I hope you have better luck than me!! xx

MummyBex1985 Wed 30-Mar-16 17:00:53

Sorry to hear that Tess.

Sam I'm in the same boat. AF due Saturday and I have sore/tingly boobs, back ache, dizziness, on and off cramping, etc. I've spent the last week analysing every micro symptom and praying it's finally my month (ten months TTC). I haven't been able to think of anything else and most months I've been pretty relaxed about it. Unfortunately my PMS symptoms change every month, there's always something new to make me think I could be PG but I never am!

I don't dare test though - I can't face the disappointment and knowing I'm out until AF shows!

samk15 Wed 30-Mar-16 17:29:05

Ah tess. Sorry the hear that.....I think AF has started for me too. Oh well, onwards and upwards! I'm going to buy some OPK now for next time grin check me out using the lingo hehe.

I had 2 consecutive mmcs last year so this is our first month ttc since then I know it's just the start but after what happened I was just hoping for some good news.

Keep me posted, fingers crossed for you too xx

samk15 Wed 30-Mar-16 17:36:24

Hi Mummybex ... It's so frustrating how our bodies can convince us that we are pg!! I think it was the nausea that really got me excited but AF is arriving as we speak so that's it for this month.
I have crushed my soul too many times this past week testing and I'd like to say I won't be doing the same next month but I dare say I will be.

Do you have any dc?

Good luck and fingers crossed xx

MummyBex1985 Wed 30-Mar-16 18:08:15

I do have a DD, she's nearly 11, it took me that long to get over the trauma of my first birth to try again grin

The frustrating thing is I fell PG accidentally with her - I guess my fertility has way declined since then sad

I did an IC this afternoon - probably wouldn't have showed anything even if I was PG but it was a BFN. Meh.

samk15 Wed 30-Mar-16 20:00:17

Yeh meh is definitely the feeling in this house too.

It's ironic that when I was younger I just took it for granted that I would get pg easily. Oh the innocence of youth! To be fair it's still early days for us ttc but because of the mmcs it feels like forever.

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