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Missed period with spotting 3-4 days ago

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Emmymaybe Wed 30-Mar-16 11:05:25

So today is Wednesday and I was due to come on yesterday. My partner and I tried to conceive last month but that ended in what we believe to be a miscarriage and this month we did not try to convince and we believe we missed my fertile week by a day and have been finding it hard to believe that I could be pregnant.
I wouldn't think much of this but I had spotting or brown discharge on the Friday with a mild cramping. There was a lot more discharge on the Saturday evening but went by the night.

If im honest I dont feel pregnant...I have been feeling a lot more tired than usual with nausea and headaches. I have been staying in bed due to light sensitivity as well which has been causing my headaches and napping through the day. I usually have sensetive breasts around this time anyway and usually needing to pee more but last night it was like I had a uti where I felt that my bladder was never empty.
I have no signs of coming on and I'm waiting until I see my partner tomorrow to test but I don't want to get all excited while I wait.

Does anyone know what's happening or have experienced this when they were either pregnant or just having a very long pms?

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