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(Still) ttc#2 continued

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Loki17 Wed 30-Mar-16 09:45:02

New shiny thread everyone! smile

Mimilicious013 Wed 30-Mar-16 09:55:06

Thanks loki star

CocklesandMussels Wed 30-Mar-16 10:54:29

Hello all, I've just come to say hi and to catch up. Congratulations mrsjojo on your two pieces of great news!
Sorry loki for the chemical, and mimi for AF. [waves] to everyone else.
It's ok here, I'm very very sick, on drugs which allow me to just about function. Have also had some spotting for the past couple of weeks. I'm getting an early scan on Friday because of previous MC.
Keeping fx for all of you here. X

Pulledapart2015 Wed 30-Mar-16 11:45:58

marking place grin

hello lovely ladies hope all are well waves to all flowers

mrsjojo congratulations on the engagement. such lovely surprise after the BFP x

loki sorry to hear about chemical pregnancy. best of luck for next month fx for you x

mimi sorry wicked witch has visited. fx for the next cycle for u x

cockles best of luck for Friday. I understand about sickness that's been horrendous for me too x

my scan is in a couple of weeks when I'll be 13 weeks. time is definitely dragging but trying to keep functioning x

underrugsswept Wed 30-Mar-16 18:25:00

Checking in!

MrsJoJo Thu 31-Mar-16 07:11:55

Checking in!

Hi ladies, thanks for congrats!

Saw my GP yesterday, filled out a hospital referral form because one local hospital has a new maternity ward but it's not the one I'd be automatically booked in to. Booking appointment scheduled with midwife on 3 May!

Minor symptoms include occasional cramps, more frequent bathroom trips (but I'm making a conscious effort to drink more) and, this morning, slightly achy boobs.

Tempted to do another test because I limited myself to just one - not a poas addict - but pretty confident it's all ticking along.

Ovia says I'm rocking a peppercorn!

jennielm Thu 31-Mar-16 19:37:23

Checking in.xx

abcdemma Thu 31-Mar-16 20:52:44

Checking in too. Feeling rubbish as I just know this isn't our month but waiting for AF is torture. Welcome newbies and good luck everyone flowers

Gx91 Thu 31-Mar-16 21:01:24

Hey all thanks for the new thread Loki !

Sorry I'm still sticking a round on here ! Feel more at home with u guys than on the other thread ! Which is crazy busy and impossible to remember anyone ! X
Glad to see familiar names bk on this thread that haven't spoken in a while !
Really just checking in at the mement grin
Speak soon my friends and happy humping , let's have this be the luckiest thread yet for BFPs!! xx

Dutchy88 Thu 31-Mar-16 21:50:32

Checking in. Trying to stop myself testing when ovia says to wait another week - cycles still messed up from ds.

Mimilicious013 Fri 01-Apr-16 18:14:39

Happy Friday my friends wine

Gx I feel the same. This thread is more personal are u and hope bump is growing. Are u in maternity clothes yet?

Sorry u were a bit down jenni,am right behind u on cd6.enjoy my drink thanks to af.

Hope the scan went well cockles and the spotting has stopped.

Thanks pulled.hang in there hun and hope u are well.

Mrsj are u celebrating the double good news this weekend grin

Good luck with the waiting dutcy and fx.

Hugs abc hope u get a surprise bfp.

Waves under.what cd are u on?

Hoping kellz and peyia catch up

Mimilicious013 Fri 01-Apr-16 18:28:52

Hope u are feeling better loki and that we are lucky this month

Peyia Fri 01-Apr-16 18:51:39

Nearly lost myfriends!

Thanks for creating Loki. And sorry to hear about the chemical, that's tough.

Ah mimi I'm sorry it's not this month. Fingers crossed you catch soon and everyone else for that matter!

Have a lovely weekend xx

underrugsswept Fri 01-Apr-16 19:00:28

<waves at Mimi> CD7 here according to FF though I'm not sure if it's actually CD8. Either way I'm sitting on my hands - determined not to test before CD12 and hopefully not until AF if I can hold out that long!

Loki17 Fri 01-Apr-16 19:10:36

I'm OK. Just bought a conservatory. There is a very real chance I am filling and emotional hole with material things! We remortgaged because we came to the end of our term. Realised we could borrow enough for a conservatory but for less money per month than we were paying originally. Seems mad to me but apparently the interest rates are pretty good at the minute!

Mimilicious013 Fri 01-Apr-16 19:13:32

Glad u found us peyia,thanks have a lovely weekend too.

Have u ovulated yet under or u have just finished af hun?

Mimilicious013 Fri 01-Apr-16 19:23:15

How exciting Loki!!!that's a big way of filling that holesmile.l can only afford to spoil myself with shoes and clothes and chocolate.....

Mimilicious013 Fri 01-Apr-16 19:29:13

Fx fx you get your bfp under

underrugsswept Fri 01-Apr-16 19:47:37

Oh sorry, I'm an idiot.blush I meant 7/8DPO and CD26.

Loki17 Fri 01-Apr-16 20:39:05

That's exciting, under! Ive decided - because I'm being totally zen about it all now - that I'm only buying one digital test per month so that I can only use it after af is late. No more squinting at lines or risking knowing about another chemical. If my zen like resolve is still as strong at the end of the month it will be a miracle!

LittleHeart2014 Fri 01-Apr-16 23:08:31

So sorry, Loki and Mimi, big hugs to you both xx

Kellz92 Sat 02-Apr-16 10:24:00

Hey ladies smile how are we all? AF due on Tuesday no spotting or anything yet, had slight cramping since my ewcm calmed down, still lots of cm but I'm not ruling AF arriving out. Xx

LittleHeart2014 Sat 02-Apr-16 12:24:36

Sending baby dust your way, Kellz. I'm 7 days dpo and trying not to symptom spot but there have been too many to ignore over last day of so. Think it's too early for AF. Going to try and hold off testing til Thu. Feeling fairly relaxed about it as first month ttc xx

Gx91 Sat 02-Apr-16 15:44:05

Hey all hope u r having a lovely Saturday X

Loki good news on ur conservatory , that will be lovely for the summer ! Hope u r doing well and good luck for this cycle X

Under - hope ur managing ur TWW ok it's so hard not to test early ! Wishing u all the best and fx for s BFP soon X

Kellz - holding out hope for u this cycle , cramps wer a good sign for me throughout the TWW hope AF stays away ! X

Mimi - hope u have been enjoying ur wine , AF is a great excuse for a little bevy ! X hope it leaves u soon and u can enjoy getting busy again smilex

Littleheart- hope ur enjoying TTC may it b a short wait for u , what symptoms have u bn having ?I love hearing about them ! Lol X

Dutchy hang in there ! Messed up cycles r such a pain , hope u get an answer soon and good luck ! X

Peyia glad u found new thread too lol i won't leave here either ! Haha hope ur doing well smile X

Mrsj , cockles and pulled ( waves) hope ur all having a nice wkend and doing well X

We had our gender scan this morning and very pleased to reveal we r having a boy this time , think we will stop at one of each ( OH is over the moon ) grin me too ! Xx

Loki17 Sat 02-Apr-16 15:48:50

That's so lovely, Gx! Congratulations xx

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