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tww and boobs

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AnxiousBetty Tue 29-Mar-16 20:51:30

So I'm waiting to test for a couple more days but over the past 2-3 days my boobs have not only swollen up but have began to feel quite bruised and tender. They feel slightly tender when I wear a bra and then when I take it off are extremely sore for about 10 minutes and then they feel okay ish but tender in some places when pressedhmm

AnxiousBetty Tue 29-Mar-16 20:54:08

Posted without finishing ....

Has anyone else found that their boobs are only really painful for a short time after they take their bra off or does this mean it's not really a sign as they don't stay really painful

This isn't my only symptom either I've had tiredness, thirstiness, white cm, cramps, lightheadedness, headaches and slight queasiness every now and then, all for the past week.

I've done tests but they've all come back BFN hmmsad

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