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Are there any PCOSers who can explain why the jeffing hell my body is behaving so erratically?

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FrazzleRock Tue 29-Mar-16 20:32:05

My back story is a long history of very irregular periods - extrememely long cycles usually 60+ days.
Had two DC with difficulties who are now 7 and 10yrs.
Fast forward to last September when I started having periods every 10 days to two weeks. I had checks but nothing was found, just PCOS doing something different they said. Though they did find a 5cm cyst on one of my ovaries but nothing to worry about.
Miraculously became pregnant with my new partner completely by surprise just after New Year. Unbelievable considering the difficulties I'd had with ex-h and my crazy frequent periods.
Sadly we MC'd just before 9 weeks,
6 weeks post MC and I've had several small bleeds since I stopped MCing. We're TTC again now and I'm worried this almost constant bleeding isn't helping! Although I still managed to become pregnant regardless, last time... Just how, I don;t know, given the science behind reproducing.

I just want to know what the hell is going on. I can't even pin point a cycle since the MC to work out when (or if) I ovulate. I can't tell if these bleeds are periods (like the end of last year), or just random bleeding post MC.

And why so frequent now, when I've spent all my reproductive life barely having any periods. It's so confusing, I wish I had a window to see what's going on.

FrazzleRock Wed 30-Mar-16 13:36:33

As I suspected. My body is a mystery!

febnov Wed 30-Mar-16 13:50:36

I have PCOS and my cycles vary if I put on or loose weight - could this apply to you?

FrazzleRock Wed 30-Mar-16 14:02:22

Hi Febnov, thanks for your response! I have gained weight slowly over the last three/four years - about two stone. But I'm not over weight.

I was overweight years ago, mid teens, but cycles have always been mega long, regardless of weight changes. It's driving me bonkers. I'd hoped being pregnant then MCing might have re-booted my cycles a bit. But I'm back to the crazy ones I was having for the few months pre-pregnancy.

Not even sure it's worth going back to my gynae as he'll probably just tell me it's PCOS doing something different, like he did last time. Maybe that's all it is, but his suggestion was to go on the pill to straighten them out. Can't do that if I'm TTC though. Sigh....

Faye12345 Wed 30-Mar-16 14:28:22

Just been diagnosed whilst ttc. My body is driving me mad !

FrazzleRock Wed 30-Mar-16 15:10:57

It's a PITA isn't it.

I guess all we can do is leave it to chance and hope for the best. How long have you been TTC Faye?

Faye12345 Wed 30-Mar-16 19:47:06

Frazzle its 6 months now. Had a scan now waiting blood results how about you?

FrazzleRock Thu 31-Mar-16 12:52:38

Long story really. as in my OP. We've only just started this time around. My most recent pregnancy happened miraculously (in Jan this year) when we weren't even thinking about having children. My two DS's before (with previous partner) took a looooong time to conceive. I'm wondering if it was his problem as much as mine which could have caused the long time TTC.

I've had various scans when I was ttc the boys. PCOS was diagnosed when TTC my first. What helped (I think) with my second was an HSG test, I got my BFP with DS2 a only a couple of weeks after, after 11 months of trying. Coincidence, maybe..
My most recent pregnancy gives me hope that it won't take long this time, despite my crazy cycles.

What will your bloods show?

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